Music: Your first & last vinyl/cassette/CD/stream purchases?

Looking over my record collection and comparing it to the wiki pages for full albums…


  • First Vinyl LP I owned, that was mine, not mom and dads: The Beatles Red Album in 1973. This was a gift from my mother and aunt. The first album I bought with my own money was The Beatles Abbey Road, I can’t remember the buy date.

  • Last Vinyl LP I purchased: Alice Coopers Trash in July, 1989

  • The first switch to Cassette: The Smithereens 11 in Oct, 1989

  • Last Cassette? Maybe Garbage Version 2.0 in May of 98, or it could have been the first CD…

  • The switch to CD? Difficult, I’m slow to jump on new tech, but I really stuck with cassette for 10 years, seriously? I can’t find anything before that. I had the Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper box set from April 1999, but I might have converted some tapes to CD before that, I remember re-buying the Beatles Anthology, and Weezers first 2 albums. I didn’t buy XTCs Apple Venus until later, so that couldn’t have been the first. I think what I probably did when I got my first player, was just went to the local used music store, and bought a crapload of older music.

  • First Stream? On iTunes, I picked up a bunch of Devo singles, B-sides and rarities in July of 2011. The first new release LP was Alice Coopers, Welcome 2 My Nightmare on Sept 18, 2011

  • First and last 8-Track: Schools Out, Alice Cooper - not sure how I came upon the player, but it came with the Cooper release, so it might have been something given to me by a relative? I mostly used it to record my own music on blank 8-tracks, which were also included.

Yeesh, Coops been a first or last on a lot of these. (BTW, the first Alice album I bought with my own money was Welcome to my Nightmare).


First (I think) album purchased that was actually mine: Carman - Coming On Strong on tape

First CD purchased: P.I.D. - The Chosen Ones

Most recent music purchase - Original soundtrack to The Music Man and Dave Brubeck Gone With The Wind both on vinyl at a rummage sale.

Next purchase: Likely later this week and it will be 20-40 CD/vinyl, since that’s what happens when I go to the record store. It’ll show up in a post on the forum…


First anything I bought with my own money: a 45 of Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry”


We had albums in the house, and there were probably some kid’s albums that we all shared. Later, I probably listened to Jesus Christ Superstar more than anyone in the family, but it wasn’t mine, it was mom and dads, it was in their record rack. I didn’t have my own record rack until '74 or '75. Before then I just stacked them up against my bedroom wall.

I had a couple of double deckers that looked like this




cassette: owned - Licensed to Ill, hearing - Sports by Huey
CD: owned - Ben Folds Five self titled, hearing - Ooh Yeah! by Hall and Oates
vinyl: A bunch at some expo like some Peter Gabriel and Queen
first song purchase online: Is This Love by Whitesnake on iTunes in 2004


CD: Many years ago but PUSA self titled and Load by Metallica
vinyl: Nothing’s Shocking by Jane’s Addiction


First dubbed cassette:


First purchased cassette:

Last purchased MP3 before switching to streaming:


Missed this.

First and last 8-Track for me-

I have this and I wanted to check the 8-track player. It works, but I didn’t really care to buy any others:


IIRC, my first purchase was Rush’s Signals (cassette). The last music I bought was a Titanic Love Affair EP I found on the internet for sale somewhere. I had to stop going to the record store, because, like the comic book shop, I can’t leave without spending 100$ !

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My first was probably Alapalooza by “Weird” Al Yankovix.

My last was “John Carpenter: Anthology I” for the Halloween season.

No idea what any of my firsts are. The first record I remember being new and “mine” was the 45 rpm single of A Horse With No Name, only because I brought it to school and it got cracked, I still have it and looking it up it is the 1972 pressing so I would have been around 8 years old at the time.

Digging out my cassette suitcase storage thing I did not buy that many prerecorded cassettes, used them mostly for recording vinyl albums for playing in boomboxes, the car, and other portables. No idea what the last one bought was but it would have been in the mid 80s.

When I got my turntable set up in my house after having it in storage for a few decades I bought some CDs for albums I had as a kid but were scratched, I think ELO Out Of The Blue might be the last one I did that with about 5 years ago.

Last MP3 album I bought was in 2015: Postmodern Jukebox Swipe Right For Vintage. I may have bought an individual mp3 since but not sure.

Last vinyl I bought was either the re-release of Abby Road that came out a couple years ago or the “novelty” 78 rpm records I got from Rivermont Records a few years ago.

These days to listen to music I probably use the streaming app for Sirius XM the most since I subscribe to have it in the car. Kind of amazing that 40 years ago it was hard to go an hour without needed music playing, now I can go a day or 2 without playing anything.


Just bought a 2CD set that’s intended as a present, but which I might sneakily rip at some point.

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The first album my parents bought me was this Sonny and Cher record:

The most recent record I bought was probably this Stan Kenton album a couple of months ago:


My dad went to a classical music store, but they got a bunch of promo rock records, mostly 45s, which they gave away for free, so I had a bunch of those. These are the two I remember:

Same here. When I discovered my parents copy of JCS when I was in high school, I listened to that thing all the time. I got so used to all the pops and skips and scratches that they were an actual part of the songs to me. I recently acquired myself a different copy on vinyl recently and it sounded so weird because those were gone.

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Oh, and to add to my earlier entry, the first 45 I owned was Deep Purple’s Smoke On The Water. I got it at my cousin’s bar mitzvah. I would have been like 4 or 5 at the time. Pretty sure the DJ gave it to me out of pity (the littlest kid there and didn’t know anyone), and the fact that he probably didn’t want that copy anymore cause it was massively warped.

The first rock albums I ever listened to were these three that my parents had:


That Who album is primarily responsible for making me a rock fan. (As a child I much preferred classical.)

The first ones I ever owned were bought for me as gifts. I can’t remember which one I got first:


I also had the soundtrack albums for Star Wars and the Bakshi Lord of the Rings.

The first album I ever bought with my own money… I cannot tell a lie.


I loved “Mickey” and still do. And the rest of that album has some surprisingly good new wave music. (Devo was her backing band.)

Other vinyl albums I had very early on, in the days when I could probably still list my whole record collection from memory:


Probably half my collection was on cassette in those days. I think the first group I owned were the 1-cent selections from one of those cassette mail order clubs. I got Signals by Rush, Diver Down by Van Halen, Coda by Led Zeppelin, Kilroy Was Here by Styx… maybe a couple others.

I did have an 8-track player for a while, and scored a lot of cheap ones because they were being phased out at the time. Stores would sell them in $1 grab bags for several. I had ones by the Allman Brothers, ELP, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Yes, etc. Eventually I upgraded my stereo and gave all my 8-tracks to a friend of my brother who had a player in his car.

Not sure what was the first CD I bought. I got a bunch of them around the same time after I got my first player.

My first download would have been on the original Napster. Got quite a bit of stuff there before the hammer came down. I still have the mp3 of “Autobahn” I downloaded.

I don’t remember what my last vinyl or cassette purchases were. Last vinyl might have been Yessongs. Or perhaps Vhutemas Archetypi, a compilation of dark ambient/industrial music.

The most recent physical music I’ve purchased were four used CD’s at a flea market: The Clash first album, Rust Never Sleeps by Neil Young, Are You Experienced by Hendrix, and Twice Upon a Time by Siouxsie & the Banshees. (I had all this stuff on vinyl but never got around to a CD upgrade until now.)

And the most recent album of new music I’ve bought is this:


Before that it was The Symbol Remains by BOC, Power Up by AC/DC and Santana IV.


How do you all remember this stuff? I have to concentrate for at least two minutes before I can even remember what I had for lunch yesterday.

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My first CD was the Disney Aladdin soundtrack (1992).
I don’t remember what the last CD I got was, but the only one I still have is this Mannheim Steamroller Christmas album, which will forever live in my cars until they no longer have CD players.
My last digital album purchase was Tears for Fears Songs from the Big Chair in 2018.

I wish I kept an entertainment diary because it can be difficult. But The Beatles were my first favorite band, so everything starts with them, purchase or ownership wise for music. And I know that was 1973 because of the Red Album.

I also started that Cooper blog in April, and I’ve been tracing my past, going through my records, seeing what I had, the last LP I bought, the first CD (Brutal Planet, for a new released CD). And visiting Cooper websites and wikis to get release dates, looking at my LP labels to see what edition I had. So that gave me a head start there, I’d already done the research.

But a lot of it is fuzzy - I don’t remember any details on first CD, just a rough estimate based on what I saw listed at Wiki. (This using Alice as my base since he’s the one who’s been around throughout the decades - from '69 to current)

But yeah, probably more work than folks would want to put into it.

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The first single and first LP I bought were both by Madness. The latter was the Seven album, but I can’t think what the single was. Possibly The Return of the Los Palmas Seven.
First CD - I bought two discs to play, when I first bought a player. One was Blues for Allah by the Grateful Dead, but I can’t remember what the other ones was.

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