My Goodness. WHY?!?

Scoring to rot your ears. Last in the class, the experiment sporting the worst music. Which beats out the rest?

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Monster-A-Go-Go, definitely. I agree with Crow - stop it!


Time of the Apes for me. They riff on it throughout.

Wee wee wee wah wah wah!

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Racket Girls.

Music? Why now? Why us?!

The whole soundtrack consisted of the Ukrainian national anthem and recycled crowd noise.

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Didn’t fit the movie certainly, but it was pretty nice music. :smiley:

…oh, I’ll be good and put this in the same post.

The music from Legend of Dinosaurs. Even back in the KTMA season when the riffing was not as frequent, Joel commented on it many times. And it wasn’t even good music, either.

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