My humble suggestions

Really love the forums here, kudos to all involved.

My suggestion: allow quote comments when replying, makes it easier to directly reply to a specific comment .

Seems I’m limited in “liking” comments; wondering the specific reason for that?

Navigating between forums seems a little disjointed, but maybe i just need to get used to it.

Overall though, I’m loving it. Again, great job.

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Like this? :point_up_2:

It gives you guff if you quote an entire post, but if you highlight a section, it’ll pop up a quote box that’ll start a reply if you don’t already have one going.


If you highlight text, you can quote it in a reply.

The organisation does take a little while to get used to.

Not sure what you mean by limited in liking comments. Limited in what way?


Sounds like tmac wants to quote a bit and say some nice thing about it rather than only being able to heart a whole post.

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Lol. Yes, thank you!

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Exactly. I want to tell everyone just how much i love them for helping me figure these silly things out lol


I was in the thread for the premire and “liking” comments as i read them and at some point i got a pop up telling me i was liking too many too fast and gave me a time out for several minutes.


I think that’s to cut down on people signing up just to spam. Once you’ve posted for awhile, I think the time-outs will stop. Just don’t ask me to specify how long or how many posts it takes because I don’t even remember yesterday’s lunch, much less where I was last October. :wink:

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Like this? :grin::smile_cat:

Ohhh sort of like what Discord does. Yes I can sort of understand the confusion. Were they are calling this a “discourse” he’s probably expecting the discord style of quote and like features.

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Or maybe I’m just old and technology confuses and frightens me.

Now get off my lawn.

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Get off my lawn first. :rofl::v:


Great now all I can think of is two old guys standing in each other’s lawns shouting at each other across the street. :rofl::joy::rofl:


Yup, that sounds like 2022 alright.


The technology this place uses is called that.

Thus the confusion

You want a suggestion, here is a “no-brainer” suggestion:
A forum for fans to describe movies, whose title they’ve absolutely LOST, so
that OTHER fans can come up with the true title (relying on the ENORMOUS
movie-going repertoire of the fans).

There’s this thing:

Here’s a suggestion for a bit of MST3K Merch (which I’ve created on a small scale for myself, but is neither here nor there): A Crow Head, programmed to speak random gems of knowledge from host segments (and/or a Tom Head as well).

…and, finally:
Sketch idea: On the next moon landing, they’ll find a mini-survival dome with
Commander Cody’s preserved form in it…ready for re-animation.
This would be an absolutely perfect sketch to do with Mike guest-starring
as Commander Cody. (Yeah, I know I’m dreamin’, but,
hey, The Gizmoplex was once only a dream, too!)