My idea for Joel's return to the SOL

What if it’s a Joel Robinson from elsewhere in the multiverse?

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I’m personally holding onto the fan theory that Ardy is really Joel Robinson in disguise, having infiltrated Kinga’s base in an effort to protect Jonah and the Bots. So when we get around to his episodes, and Kinga gives the order for movie sign, Ardy is absent, and Bonesy pulls the lever instead.

Kinga: Hey! What gives? Where’s Ardy?!
Joel: looks around suspiciously, then fakes a cough to cover his mouth AHEM Movie in the hole! lowers hand Oh, we got movie sign! See ya!

Just my head canon lol


Oddly enough, back in season 11 I envisioned a Christmas office party, Joel and Jonah just casually talking, bonding, and Joel saying such approving things about him and how he did.