My List Improvements

So the MST3K Live channel was a godsend for work from home, and now that we have the app, I have been more and more using that for my background riff track. In particular, I’ve used My List to curate all my favorite episodes.

There are a few things I want to see improved in My List however.

The first would be the ability to add purchased, new episodes, live streams ect to the list. This is very important to me and would love to see it happen.

The second is the ability to play from The List exclusively, or possibly even randomly. Currently whenever a movie on The List ends, the next one in the season starts, which is usually fine but not always what I want.

The final thing is to be able to sort or reorder or filter them.

Love the app hope for improvements!


Are these features that you would like to see added? If so, be sure to click on the Vote box next to the thread title at the top of this page!

The web team looks at the vote totals to rank and prioritize which features you are interested in.