My New Movie and TV Review Podcast!

So here’s the plan: The film and TV reviews I do for WBAI’s Hour of the Wolf – hosted by none other than Jim Freund – rarely give me enough time to delve into a subject as deeply as I wish. So I’ve created my own podcast!

Every week on THE HOUR OF THE WOLF REVIEWS, you’ll hear my original HotWolf review, and then I’ll follow up with additional opinions, observations… maybe even a little snark. It’ll be genre media criticism for when the kids have left the room. You can subscribe on Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Spotify, etc. (Not Google Podcasts, yet – that’s still in the works. (And you may have to scroll down to find us – iDon’tHeartSEO.))

Or you can like our Facebook page, or follow me on Twitter, those are options, too! The debut episode is up, looking at Disney+'s ANDOR. Check it out!


Huh, neat.


I hear good things about those danpeople.

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