My stupid mind! Stupid! Stupid!

Anyone else have a terrible memory for riffs? I’ve been watching MST3K since the late 90s, but I often feel like a bit of a noob when people are rattling off quotes because I just can’t remember them and have to look them up to get the right wording or episode.
On the plus side, most rewatches are like a first viewing.


You’re not alone. There’s episodes I’ve seen a lot and others only once. A few I’m sure i haven’t seen all the way through- and then there’s the Netflix stuff I haven’t seen at all. I never had Netflix and was weirded-out by a host who wasn’t Joel or Mike so didn’t try hard to find it elsewhere.


“That’s all I’m taking from you!”

Seriously, I never bothered to remember anything until the '90s. Then people started quoting movies at me and I’m just there going…“Huh? You were looking for droids? I don’t understand.”

I buckled to the peer pressure and now communicate solely in movie quotes. Even this message.


Yeah, you wouldn’t be alone on that. I’ve watched every episode in the series, and there are more than a few riffs that slip through my memory.

But I don’t see that as a bad thing, necessarily. You needn’t let that make you feel like a noob, not at all.

I like to see a silver lining on that. For me, it means that some (or rather, many) riffs will continue to be fresh and hit hard when I hear them. It’s like you say, it comes across as something of a first viewing. And that’s awesome!


I definitely do NOT (durnit, edited to NOT) see it as a bad thing. It could just mean you have better things to do with your brain cells. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Maybe I should’ve said Casual rather than Noob. I definitely like that nothing feels worn out yet, but it’s a bit embarrassing to have to look up the quotes in posts to join in on a joke sometimes.
Either way I’m glad it’s not just me.

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I certainly remember some riffs and will never forget them, but there are so many and it’s so thick that there are always riffs I forget and watching an episode always can be at least a partially fresh experience because I will hear all sorts of riffs I didn’t remember. Even with episodes I’ve watched a dozen times like Time of the Apes or Mitchell, there’s enough I don’t remember that it’s still very enjoyable.