My Top Tip for You

The first time someone creates a forum they create a bunch of different sub forums because they think it will spark discussion. In my experience has the opposite effect, and dilutes the conversation.

I would suggest: Starting with ONE (maybe two) forum/s to begin with, and then adding more as the community grows and their need becomes obvious.

Just my experience from 20 years in forums :+1:


I think the bazillion individual forums or boards is why the Rifftrax community feature is so underused. It quickly grew into an exercise in organization which was a turn off to people who just wanted a quick chat.


Legit. That forum is kinda nuts.

I know this forum doesn’t have 20 sub-forums, but still I think that

  • Forums Feedback
  • Artsy Crafty/Show Us Your Bots
  • Cheesy Movies
  • Extended World of Riffing

Could all be really vibrant and exciting THREADS in MST3K Central

And then if they get too vibrant, then it would be a great excuse to take them into their own sub forums. The only real reason to create a separate sub-forum is when the contents of it would interfere with another (eg. “Off topic” makes sense to separate out).