My Unofficial Fanpage of Village of the Giants

Years and years ago, I saw part of Bert I Gordon’s Village of the Giants on cable, and it just stuck in my head. As I attempted to see the whole thing going into my teen years, I couldn’t catch a break…and then during a MST3K top 10 countdown on Comedy Central, Experiment 523 gave me the closest shot to what I had been craving (even if it felt like the guys were “coasting” through it). A few years after, a new video store in the neighborhood had a full copy for rent, and as I got into my college years, I began to realize how much information I had collected on the film (think like Robert Graysmith and his obsession with The Zodiac Killer!).

That led me to create The Unofficial Fanpage of Village of the Giants in (around?) 2004, though this year, a dream that was 18 years in the making finally came true, and I obtained the coveted: web address!

Plus, I couldn’t have this page without a MST3K shout-out, and included a small page dedicated to the show and Experiment 523 ( Village of the Giants and Mystery Science Theater 3000-A collision course with wackiness!! ). Note: There’s a few Easter Eggs in the header for die-hard MSTies

But yeah, just wanted to say that, and it made me wonder if this show about cheesy movies inspired anyone else to create their own fansites for other films the group watched


Very cool stuff, @DigThatNittyGritty! Thank you so much for sharing your work and your enthusiasm with us; it’s all very much appreciated.

And welcome to the forums, glad to have ya here!


That is a ridiculously in-depth page for a movie that absolutely doesn’t deserve it. In other words, you do us MSTies proud! Welcome to the forums!


I remember this page way back when, nice to see the site is still around. Great detailed work, I’ll have to take the tour again.

I remember someone had an Eegah! page, it was pretty funny, but I don’t see it, can’t find it anymore.


Thank you, I Like It Verry Much.

My logic was this is the Internet where you can find information on anything…and thus, why I decided to go all-out.


Wow, what a find on the lost Mike Clifford song, I thought Marianne paled in comparison to what the Brummels and Cannon served up, and didn’t think much of him, but hearing it on its own, and it’s pretty good.

And Nothing Can Stand in My Way is an ear-grabber, very much a 60s tune, with a kind of Petula Clark, “Downtown” vibe to it - love the brass and big drumbeat.

:+1: thumbs waaay up for that.

You know, if I ever did a fanpage for a MSTed movie, I think I’d do Carnival Magic, that movie just fascinated me - I started a thread here when I bought the BD and shared some info on the extras. And have read whatever I could find on the flick.

I could never match what you’ve done for Giants, but if I had the time and energy for it, that’s what I’d pick for a page.


Excellent! I wonder about one of the errors though:

The Goo makes things grow five to six times normal size, but the spider is oversized. It should be around 2 ½ to 3 ft.

Could this be something about the proportional strength of a spider?

Snarks aside… nice job! The screenwriter interview was priceless


Yeah, the page opened up avenues to info I never dreamed of in my teens.

Like contacting Bert I Gordon’s daughter Susan over 15 years ago, and getting him to answer my questions, let alone Victoria Feldman solving the mystery of where her character Georgette went for most of the last third of the film.

In 2016, I did get Johnny Crawford’s email address, but I had heard shortly afterwards he had been diagnosed with Alzheimers, and so I didn’t pursue an interview. I do sometimes regret not reaching out to Tommy Kirk, who seemed to think the film was okay.

The film is like a yo-yo, in that new stuff pops up that keeps bringing me back. Like the one year the casting directors items were up for auction, or the films Blu-Ray release earlier this year.


Yeah, every other article I’ve read, no one ever took the film seriously, and I think the same is true even for Bert.

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This is the kind of site I loved finding way back, even if it was a movie or subject I wasn’t crazy about myself, the sheer care on display to gather as much genuine info as publicly possible on one thing for nothing more than to share the info with other potential fellow fans, or just about anyone really, is exactly what the internet is at it’s best.
Glad you’ve kept yours running. :trophy:


Thank you. I had also started in on a site dedicated to the 1995 film, Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfolds. However, my interest waned when it seemed like there wasn’t a whole lot of information out there to really flesh out a page like the VOTG one.

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Absolutely astonishing!

I think every possible internet point is yours, OP!

I never clocked that Joe Turkel was in this one! He’s everywhere! He’s Tormented’s jive beatnik ghoul. He’s here. He’s there. He’s everywhere! He’s standing behind me right now!

I don’t even care for this movie that much, but I’m compelled to read all about it! Compelled! Cannot be resisted!


Crow still has one of my fave bits about his Tormented dialogue (“Look, no hablo beatnik, okay?”).

Sometimes, I think how one guy made a novel out of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, and fantasize about doing something like that for this film.

I know it wouldn’t make any money, but I swear I could make it much more thrilling than the film (and make those giant teenagers a lot more menacing, like in my imagination).

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