My Video Fridge Graphics Issue

Two issues here.

[ISSUE 1 has been solved and removed to save some space :upside_down_face:]
See the responses below if you have blue “selection” highlights when you double-click through your pages of canisters.

  1. The left corners of the experiment information page has a graphic issue that cuts off the smooth, round corners on the left side compared to the right.

I’m hoping the first issue is just a small amount of interference caused by the kingachrome being jostled too much from loading too fast and nothing too serious.

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Looks like you’re highlighting the page elements. Clicking too quickly automatically highlights a word or section of a page.

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Looks like it thought you wanted to highlight everything. Try the “select all” keystroke combination. It might provide the same result.

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Pressing CTRL+A does select everything and the overlays appear the same in the canisters, but this time it also selects all the text within the filter area too. Clicking too quick through the pages only selects all the images of the page. So it seems that action just selects all elements of that particular control of the page.

That’s probably not going to be anything that can be fixed. However, the additional item I put in there about the missing corners may still be legitimate. I’ll update the original post to solve issue #1.

Thanks @Neo_Cortex and @TheBindingPolymer for the tip!

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Those corners aren’t missing. They were cut. Saves money. That’s why the paper on Battlestar Galactic looks that way.