'My Videos' not showing in the Gizmoplex [NOTE: a temporary fix is in place until Vimeo fixes the problem, please read in thread]

Thanks. That works.

What’s the link to the Virtual Theatre?

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You can find it at: https://theater.gizmoplex.com/signin

(EDIT: Whoops, Michael’s got this one!)


Same, though slightly different: my Transactions on that Settings screen shows a Gizmoplex Season Pass purchase which links to the video content. This may be because I upgraded my original partial year pass (from the Kickstarter) to a full year by making a purchase through Gizmoplex.com (OTT*/VHX/Vimeo?) in July.

Makes me wonder if the Vimeo (or whoever) folks assumed that everyone would have made a direct purchase from them and have this link available. Regardless, linking “My Videos” to a settings page instead of, say, a list of videos, seems misguided.


Ooooooh this is a very good detail that probably points to what is actually going on.

The best way to find out how something works is to understand how it breaks.


I am having this issue as well, which is annoying because I relied on that purchases page not just for my pass but all of my Kickstarter video packages, all of which have disappeared too.

Since Vimeo seem to be getting their dawdle on about fixing it, could we get a full set of links here to the various packages that people might be missing? The season link pass is fine but I can’t remember the names of all of the Kickstarter packages I’ve picked up over three projects, let alone the specific links.


Until Vimeo OTT fixes the issue with Gizmoplex.com, here are direct links to the packages.

12-Month Gizmoplex Pass

The #MadeMoreMST3K Shorts Collection

RiffTrax Bonus Shorts

The #BroughtBackMST3K Deluxe Collection

Vault Picks

The Ultimate MST3K Digital Collection

Did I miss some? Yes, almost certainly. But wait … there’s more!

The search page still works, and if you know any part of the package or product you’re looking for you can find it from there:


Excellent stuff!

I also added to the thread title accordingly so that folks know to look for that information here.


Amazing - thanks a bunnch.


Thank you. This is extremely helpful.


Maybe they should send out a kickstarter update with this information. I expect there may be a lot of chaos Monday as people try to get to the live event. It seems like it is site wide, so will probably affect anyone that goes to gizmoplex from a web browser.


I am just getting a list of prices. I tried following the instructions on what to do in such cases; however, I never got the expected results when following them. Any suggestions? Maybe this should go elsewhere but I expect the Mods (or Mads) will tell me where it should go. Any help is appreciated.

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For a list of prices for the various Gizmoplex passes and episode purchases, you’ll want to head here:

Also, the thread you submitted asked if anyone had a problem getting to their shows.

There’s been an issue with where the “My Videos” link took users on the Gizmoplex site. For direct links to the various Gizmoplex episode packages, you’ll want to refer to @MichaelRobertson’s earlier post in this thread by following this link: 'My Videos' not showing in the Gizmoplex [PLEASE NOTE: until a fix is implemented, links directing you to the various Gizmoplex video packages can be found in the thread] - #27 by MichaelRobertson

If you need anything else or have any other issues pertaining to access to the Gizmoplex episode packages that need to be addressed, please don’t hesitate to let us know!


I almost fell out of my chair! This is why I download everything with backups and still do physical media for the stuff that matters when applicable.

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Oh my goodness, THANK YOU! I was scared something happened to my season pass


There is now a temporary fix in place until Vimeo fixes the thing that they broke. Clicking on “My Videos” takes you to a help page with direct links to the various passes.

If everyone could do their best to help anyone else having this issue and reassure them that their content hasn’t gone anywhere, we’d really appreciate it.


Thanks, Tim!


Much obliged and appreciated, @timryder!

I changed the thread title and the staff notice at the top of this thread to reflect this information accordingly.


The info page is very helpful. It stinks that it’s broken, but at least you can point people in the right direction in the meantime.


Hi @MichaelRobertson, I think there’s definitely one package missing from your list - whichever one had The Final Sacrifice in.

I know it definitely was in one of the packages - I downloaded it before - and it’s been mentioned that whilst the rights to sell it to new customers have lapsed, those of us with existing purchases should retain access to it. But it doesn’t come up in the search function - presumably because of the rights lapsing! - and if it’s in one of the collections you linked, I can’t see it. Are you able to help at all?

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