My Videos Sorting - Not working (known issues), Also - "Vault Picks" seems to be contributing to UI/UX confusion

I think both of those are great ideas but I’m guessing integrating VHX and Discourse to automatically award those is not a thing … which would mean someone with admin access on this side would have to grant them manually, which probably won’t be a thing.


True. Was just using those as examples of possible ways to make what we’re all currently referring to as vault picks something different?

Really, maybe just have some kind of bonus content for the 6 experiments every month? Little known facts about each movie, cast members, etc? “Did you know he went to the University of Minnesota?” :wink:

It’ll be fun to see what happens regardless.


Maybe not an award/badge in the forum, but maybe something in the theater?


Update on this issue not being solved:

While investigating a tip from the local bonehead about free MST3K classic streaming on the Gizzy P, I discovered that sorting is all wacked up in the non-plex-o-graphic mode, too.

e.g. - Season 1, with default “Sort by…” sorting, sorts by episode number (22-34, as it turns out), properly:

But, “Alphabetical” sorting and “Release date” sorting do not do what they must, ostensibly speaking.

Unless I am to believe that the first season’s episode were aired thusly: 25, 34, 33, 32, 31, 30, 29, 28, 27, 26, 24, 22, 23:

Or that alphabetical order has actually put Moon before Black this whole and nobody told me:

(Maybe that’s why they’re called the AMBC’s. I always did wonder.)

And there’s a naughty little bonus issue, as you can see, where a second line of text (“Episode ##”) shows up under the text-based title when your sorting is done in “Sort by…” mode.

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So it looks like you are using the VHX site. @ivan and his team have little control over how VHX plays with the toys.

Try logging into the actual Gizmoplex theater:

That should work better.

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I was telling tales of the free-bee way to watch the stuff people might encounter after having heard that they could watch for free without paying.

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This was previously reported - the alphabetical is seeing “The Black Scorpion” and sorting it as T, instead of as B like it should.

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There actually are a few things we can do to try to correct this.

As an experiment, I just adjusted the technical names of all episodes in Season 1 starting with “The” to put “The” at the end – e.g. “Crawling Eye, The”, so those should now show up in alphabetical order. It just makes the actual file names of the episodes look a little less clean. Worthwhile trade-off? You all tell me.

As for the airdate order, take a look at:

I believe for the most part, we’re adhering to the dates listed there, since that’s as accurate a record as anyone seems to have. If you have more accurate information, let us know!


Woo, I’ve affected change in my own time! :sunglasses:

The “Sort by…” sorting lists’em in episode number order now, but the “Release date” sorting lists’em in mostly reverse date (cepting 25 being first).


Yeah – I think you’ll find the order under release date is consistent with the dates on that Episode List on the MST3K wiki. I know it seems weird and counter intuitive, but that season exists in a shroud of mystery and hazy memories.


Oh, it is fosho release date based sorting going on. I just goofed it by “cepting” episode 25 like I done.

I’ll throw that offending parenthetical in the cepting tank where it belongs. With an extra box of Riff-X, perhaps. The leaching field’s eatin’ good tonight!

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