My Week & Beyond Atlantis

Picture it: Friday night, April 22. With (as some of you know) an interstate move approaching, I started packing some odds and ends with one eye on City Limits and took frequent chat/stall breaks to hang out here.

12 hours later: My brother is being rushed into emergency surgery, and I’m on a plane having abandoned the packing literally mid-box. After a few days of hospital bedside stuff (he’s fine now), I came back home and worked double-time to pick my job and my move back up where I left off. At 7 PM local time last night, when the livestream was starting, I was falling asleep for the next 12 hours.

So I didn’t get to check out Beyond Atlantis until this morning, and the news that it was Emily’s first episode had barely even registered with me. I went in just needing my good old dose of comfort from MST3K, frankly, and didn’t have the presence of mind to compare it with anything else.

This crew absolutely SMASHED it in my hands-down favorite episode of Season 13 and quite possibly some time prior. @OneBradyLady - you have the purest take on the essence of Crow since Trace Beaulieu, without question, and @marshemily2 - seeing someone who reminded me of a younger, funnier version of myself on the SoL has made me a little MiSTier than I expected. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Thank you for the healing dose of absolute silliness. And I missed hanging out on the forums so much! Watching these is so much better with the community and I’m so glad we have this place.


Glad your brother is doing better! Missed seeing you in the forums


My friend, I’m terribly sorry to hear that your brother had to have emergency surgery, but I’m grateful for all the world that he’s okay now.

And I love your take on Beyond Atlantis and am really glad that you enjoyed the episode so much, finding it to provide that healing silliness that MST3K is so effective at supplying.

Here’s to all the best with your move. It’s good to see you around the forums, and amen to that - I’m so glad that we all have this place!


I’ll say hello to your brother when I’m wheeled in for (non-emergency) surgery on Tuesday. I’ve been fretting about it non-stop for a week and watching the new episode was a nice break from that. Of course, I’ve gone back to fretting, but at least I had that little pause where I could laugh my head off.


We’re all done with the healing vibes, so sending them your way~~~


All the best and speediest recoveries to you as well, man!


Thanks to both of you!


YES! I concur! Just like Trace I could easily hear Kelsey deliver either “KITTY!” or “BITE ME DICKWEED!” with equal aplomb!


Get well soon friend!


MSTies supporting MSTies! You love to see it!