Mystery Science Disco 3000!

You read that title right –

Welcome to Mystery Science Disco 3000, your new thread for discussions of the terpsichorean arts of all varieties – from minuet to mambo, tango to twist, square to swing, ballet to Broadway!

Share some of your favorite dance scenes from movies or TV!

What favorite tunes are guaranteed to get you out on the dance floor?

Have you taken any dance lessons? What is your signature move on the dance floor?

Lambada – should it remain “The Forbidden Dance”?

I’ll kick things off with this classic film clip, now colorized. If you have never seen the Nicholas Brothers in Stormy Weather, prepare to be amazed!


Personally, I prefer this Nicholas Brothers performance.

Now, prepare to be amazed by Bobby Van’s sheer athleticism:


I’ll take any Nicholas Brothers performance.

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Same clip, just in the original B&W. I like the part where they are dancing across the music stands among the band musicians. You can see the sax player on the right in front is none too pleased about having to perform his own stunts here.

I’ve seen this film in a theater twice and each time applause broke out at the end of this number. It’s almost hard not to applaud them.

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Oh, sorry, I thought that was a different performance. I didn’t see ‘colorized.’

Check out this – Nicholas Brothers 1935 and Nicholas Brothers 1990 side by side.


None of the boot scoots you enumerated resembled the “Latin Street Hustle, Triple Hustle, Two-Step Hustle, Lindy Hustle, Fox Trot Hustle, Kick Hustle, Cha-Cha Hustle, plus many line dances called Hustle”.

Is this some kind of hustle?

Y’all owe it to yourselves to check out Baz Luhrmann’s Strictly Ballroom. The whole damn thing.

Freaking transcendent.

I once Macarena-ed for 45min straight, so that’s got to count for something.

I can also do the Hokey Pokey on roller skates.

And I took part in a Guinness World Record Attempt for “Largest Thriller Dance.”

(You can see me multiple times, but I won’t cop to which one’s me! :joy:)


I consider this one of the most jaw-dropping scenes in movie history. I don’t think the unions would even let you do this today, it would have to be CGI…


Oh please, everyone of a certain age can do the Hokey Pokey on roller skates. :rofl:

It came right before the reverse skate!

Now that is something I never mastered. Or the Limbo. I could, however, Hammer Dance!

I’ll give this thread a week to mention the type of dance most mentioned by MST3K before I come in here and pipe up about liturgical dance. Oops.

I see the Finnish PM has take a bold stance against Sweden’s disco dominance amongst the Nordic countries.
We shall boogie on the beaches, we shall shake our booties in the club, we shall dance in the streets, we shall get down tonight; we shall never, no never surrender

Finland PM Sanna Marin denies taking drugs at 'wild' party | ITV News

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To get all you shy wallflowers out on the dance floor, here’s an easy to learn dance step all the hip hoofers are doing nowadays:

Oh my freakin’ gawrsh! I just discovered them today and I am in love with this couple!

The next drive-in-bound monster-flick I bankroll better have this in it or I’m pulling the plug.

Well that’s one way to break in the new hip.

One of my very favorite dance scenes:

And a couple of fun variations:


There’s somebody called Km Music who cobbles together dance videos out of clips from various sources and matches them to a song. They do a pretty amazing job of it. This one is my favorite.