Mystery Science Pathfinder 3000 Act V: The Indestructible Play by Post campaign

This thread is the fourth continuation of a Play by Post Pathfinder campaign. As was the case for the previous threads, this thread is primarily intended for the players who are taking part in the campaign, but we do have an active peanut gallery as well. If you would like to post in this thread, please review the rules below (Google docs):

Mystery Science Pathfinder 3000 Play by Post Rules

It may also be helpful if you are familiar with the previous threads in the campaign, as they are the ultimate source of truth for what has gone on before.

Act I: (The beginning)

Act II: The Continuing Campaign

Act III: The Campaign That Would Not Die

Act IV: The Amazing, Colossal Campaign

As noted in the rules, the limit for Player Characters is 8, and we currently have 6 Player Characters. If you would like to join the party of PCs, please send me a DM with your character concept. No experience is required, anyone who is interested may join, and we will be happy to teach you the rules.

If you prefer to simply follow along, and comment occasionally, that is perfectly acceptable. We love our peanut gallery, and it is not unheard of for them to make in-game appearances. We simply ask that you be respectful of the game and players when commenting.

I will get things started with a quick synopsis of Act IV, and a cast of (Player) Characters. I will then ask @Ajax to provide a review of some of the important non-player characters and organizations that are currently relevant to the campaign.

Also of note, @AndrewCrossett is hosting a very helpful party page that includes up-to-date character sheets, treasure and equipment lists, maps of locations the party has explored, as well as letters and journal entries that they have discovered along the way. It is an invaluable resource to help keep up with the campaign:

And now, I present The Devil’s Bargain, Act V: The Indestructible Play by Post Campaign:



Having learned much about the Aether Tower, and how it came to rest outside of the sleepy village of Telhain, our intrepid band of adventurers have set out to finally confront those who would use the Tower to their own nefarious ends.

Returning to the Tower, the party found that their enemies had not been resting on their laurels. The robots they had encountered previously had swept away much of the clockwork machinery on the lowest level where the party had ventured previously, and erected a barrier manned by robotic soldiers to hinder the party’s further progress.

Fighting their way through the barrier, the party delved down one floor deeper into the tower, arriving at a place called The Forge. There they discovered that the robots they had been fighting were a sentient race from another world who were being compelled against their will to serve Samark and Mesli Moonkantor, and their Automaton allies from Axis. The party agreed to help the Robots retrieve the Control Board that was being used to compel their service from the Moonkantor School of Magic, located on the Plane of Law, Axis.

While the robots looked the other way, the party invaded The Forge, encountering a group of three Automatons calling themselves ‘The Trinity’, who blocked their way to Axis while following a peculiar and enigmatic code developed by their leader, Ronin. The party defeated The Trinity, while acting with honor, and The Trinity agreed to aid the party, providing them with access to a pair of portals located in The Forge, and information on how to use them.

The party quickly realized that the portals in The Forge would allow them much more flexibility in their travels, and utilized them to travel to Axis, arriving in Dushfathom, the realm of Norgorber, the god of thievery and assassination. After a brief fight with a pair of spider-like denizens of Duskfathom, as well as several ant-like Formians, the party discovered that, much like the robots in the Tower, the Formians were being compelled to serve the Moonkantors.

The party freed the Formian Taskmaster, and agreed to help the Formians get to the surface of Axis, so that they might contact their hive. They then met a Halfling explorer named Arnulf, who was possessed by a Gidim Devil like those they had encountered at the Red Hand Hideout. Having experienced these Devils before, the party was able to free Arnulf, and send the Gidim back their home plane. Arnulf was very grateful, and in addition to gifting them with magical goggles, he took them to the most exclusive club in all of Axis, The Footwarmers Lounge.

The Footwarmers Louge proved to be a magical place within the Hearth-Grown House, the realm of the Halfling goddess of luck and mischief, Chaldira Zuzaristan. In the Footwarmer’s Lounge, time passes at much slower rate, so that a month spent there is the same as a day spent outside of the lounge. The party used this to their advantage to rest, recuperate, and prepare for their raid upon The Moonkantor School.

After a month spent in the Lounge, the party was ready to finally confront the Moonkantors, and rescue the children upon whom the evil plans of Mesli and Samark relied. Before entering the school, the party had been warned that it was protected by a force field that they would need to disable for their plans to be successful. Almost immediately after entering the school, Dory chanced to see a Hesperian Devil on the school grounds. It prompted a vision from the Black Pool of her confused memories, this one of Advodaza, the Nemesis Devil. She was able to contain and harness that memory, using a technique which Thong had taught her, and gained the power to Teleport at will (more or less) just like the Nemesis Devil had done in the recalled memory. Using her newfound power of teleportation, Dory and Bonnie disabled the force field, engineering a confrontation with Mesli Moonkantor.

Why just Mesli, and not Samark? It seems that Samark had already left the School with six teenage children in tow, including Bonnie’s friend Wanderlea, and Hana, the Kitsune granddaughter of Razahl Envesior. In another twist of fate, they had learned that Mesli was not human, but rather an Oni Devil from Tian Xia known as a Nogitsune. She had been working with Advodaza for decades to bring Samark into the machinations of The Nemesis.

The party confronted Mesli, and defeated her, freeing twenty-four children from the clutches of the malevolent Moonkantor School, and revealing their plans to the authorities of Axis, embodied in the Lawgiver. During the confrontation, Dory had another vision, providing her with more information on the Moonkantors nefarious plans, as well as the knowledge that Advodaza was the one who was ultimately behind the scenes, engineering those plans.

Following the clues they found at the Moonkantor School, the party turned their sights to the Back Alleys of Aktun, the realm of Thamir, the Halfling god of greed, opportunity and murder, and the rival of Chaldira Zuzaristan. In the Back Alleys, they encountered a soothsayer named Estrella, and her henchman Ortega. After reading Dory’s fortune, and coming up with uncannily accurate readings, Estrella gazed into her crystal ball to try to locate Bonnie’s friend Wanderlea. Estrella was terrified by what she saw and tried to flee immediately. Before she fled, the party got her to tell them that she had the ability to raise the dead, but that her undead followers had recently been taken from her by a powerful Necromancer, and she saw Wanderlea surrounded by undead in her crystal ball.

Leaving Estrella’s shop convinced that Samark Moonkantor was the one who had taken command of Estrella’s zombies, the party was immediately confronted by a gang of Halflings calling themselves the Sneaky Blighters. While the party parlayed with their representative, Felix, the Blighters were attacked from behind by a pack of fast undead known as Juju Zombies.

Of course, the party helped defeat the zombies, and in the process befriended a womanizing Halfling ganger named Wee Willie, who impressed them with his bravery in the fight. After the fight, the Blighters introduced the party to their leader, Medard, who agreed (after some convincing with gold and jewels), to provide them with an escort to Potter’s Alley, where it was believed Samark had gone to corrupt the children he had brought with him, while raising an undead army.

On the way to the Alley, the party encountered a pair of boys from the Moonkantor School who were preparing to sacrifice a Priest, and turn him into a Void Zombie, an act that would have certainly corrupted and condemned their souls. The party was able to convince them of the error of their ways before they took things too far, and Dory was rewarded with The Sword of the Dawn, a powerful weapon against evil and undead creatures that can only be wielded properly by the Eternal Champion. In Dory’s hands it has the power to summon the Legion of the Dawn, a band of spectral warriors, to aid her in battle.

The party then made their way to Potter’s Alley, and came face to face with Samark Moonkantor, prompting yet another of the memories from the Black Pool in Dory’s mind and knocking her prone at perhaps the worst possible moment, just as she rushed to confront a horde of zombies and skeletons. The vision revealed to her that Samark was being aided by a Lich, whether he liked it or not, and it was the same Lich that the party had foiled previously by destroying her phylactery in the Tower.

Will Dory recover in time to the bring the power of The Sword of The Dawn, as well as the Infernal Gifts of Advodaza, to bear against her enemies? Will the party rally together so that they may finally put an end to Samark and defeat his Undead Army? Will Bonnie reach her friend Wanderlea in time to pull her from Samark’s foul clutches before the unspeakable can happen? Don’t ask me, I don’t know. It is all in the hands of our unlikely band of Brave Companions, the Boss Killaz, the Heroes of Telhain…

Join us and find out, won’t you?


Cast of (Player) Characters:

Bonnidyr “Bonnie” Kennison – A teen-aged Human Wizard, and de facto leader of the group (whether she likes it or not) who has been searching for her missing friend, Wanderlea, and seems to have just found her.

Francis Coleman – A formerly beardless Dwarven fighter who against all odds completed his quest to find a bottle of maple syrup for his pancakes, but is also searching for Chair of KEY Jack (now known to be a Drow named Cerice Jakk), who had the temerity to shave off his beard (among other foul deeds).

LA – An untrusting Half-elf Cleric/Warpriest who is searching for enlightenment from his goddess Desna as he wanders the land. His steady arm, healing prowess, and unwavering commitment to finding the truth guiding everyone around him, even those who may seem unworthy, toward Desna’s favor.

Mart Eden-Prairie – A Gnome Bard who is searching for has found an investigator, named Dr. Fizzkettle who went missing in the tower. As it turns out, Fizzy was an integral piece of the puzzle with regard to finding Bonnie’s friend. With Fizzy now safe in Absalom, Mart continues to help the party in their fight against the evil powers that contend for control of the Aether Tower, while trying to make sure as little violence breaks out as possible.

Medio – A Halfling Rogue/Wizard who, along with his rat companion, Cuthbert, is searching for vindication from past events that branded him as a criminal. Of course, helping his companions rescue dozens of missing children would go a long way toward clearing his name.

Doryen “Dory” Hawkmoon - A tall and stunningly beautiful Human Fighter, who has pledged her sword to Bonnie, and is searching for her lost memories. Her quest has recently led her to discover that she is the Chosen of the God Irori, known as The Eternal Champion, and that her fate is entwined with that of a powerful Devil and former deity who calls himself Advodaza, but is known by his allies and enemies alike as The Nemesis.


One slight correction to the record regarding the Moonkantor School invasion:

Dory received her vision after hearing Mesli Moonkantor’s voice, and did not actually see the Hesperian devil at all. She was on the other side of the fight, and no sooner did it chase Mart into the hallway than Frog disposed of it.

(I think you may have been remembering her first vision, back in Act III, which was prompted by a Hesperian - possibly the same one - appearing in Red Hand’s lair.)

So the force field was shut down not with Greater Teleport, but thanks to the good offices of Bonnie and her dimension door spell, which got her and Dory in and out in just a couple of rounds.

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There may also have been a bit of what was planned meeting the reality of what happened in the Black Pool of the GM’s memories :slight_smile:

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The group page is updated to reflect our payments to the Blighters and the Castoffs, Dory’s acquisition of the Sword of Dawn and our temporary acquisition of the Voidstick. If I’ve missed anything else, let me know.

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:star: :star: :crossed_swords: DRAMATIS PERSONAE :crossed_swords: :star: :star:

“Old Ori” – Human Local Color. He’s colorful! What color exactly? Depends on the day…

“He likes liquor, is what he means.” -Michael J. Nelson.

:crossed_swords: :shield: HEROES AND ALLIES :shield: :crossed_swords:

Torgo – Construct Sorcerer. Hero of Telhain, Breaf Weapon Twin, Brave Companion.


Torgo was the first soul to suffer from Sylvio Imbrex’s decision to undertake his ill-fated attempt at summoning magic – other than Imbrex himself, who is probably not much enjoying his Infernal Reward. His master/creator’s almost-immediate death left Torgo without purpose and all alone, hiding in a barrel. The party surprised him on their first day in the Tower, and what could have ended tragically instead became an important friendship – perhaps the most important friendship they have made so far.

He was thought to be Imbrex’s Homunculus – a magical assistant bonded irrevocably to the life of their creator – and indeed has some of the same talents and inclinations, like a bite that can put enemies to sleep instantly. But he has not only survived the death of his master, rare among homunculi, but thrived in the party’s company. It was later revealed that he is actually a Construct and has many other secrets still to be discovered. His magic powers are formidable and continue to grow as he matures.

Torgo is closely bonded with all the party members, especially Mart (whose music he loves) and Bonnie (his “breaf weapon twin.”) Dory was instantly charmed by him, and has made it her purpose to treat him as an equal party member. She quickly enlisted him as Bonnie’s co-protector, and styles him her “Brave Companion.” Medio is also fascinated by him as a very special, possibly unique Construct, and always calls him “Torgo the Extraordinary;” Medio’s repair abilities have already been put to good use in helping keep Torgo fit and well.

Leaps-Like-Frog - Grimlock Ranger. Surface explorer, Enemy of the Conclave, and Boss Killa.


A former member of the Grimlock tribe now led by Ug’lok-go, Leaps-Like-Frog was captured by the Conclave after falling victim to their well-named “meat trap” at some point before encountering the party. Forced to labor as a miner, he was set free by their intrusion into the Conclave’s mining facility and – fortified by the legends he had heard of the mighty “Boss Killaz” – requested to join their number after witnessing their defeat of two Clockwork Overseers and a tremendous mining machine called “Big Dig” first-hand. (A battle Laele Mizzryn (q.v.) also played a “key” role in.)

There have been some growing pains, most notably in the areas of customs, clothing, and deportment, but “Frog” (as his companions affectionately call him) has proven curious and adaptable, as well as brave. The party has welcomed him as a full member – and he has proven an able combatant, scoring a hit on the very next Boss they faced (Red Hand) and using his keen senses and strong throwing arm to aid them in their endeavors. He has clashed with Sheriff Drogo Thornburrow (q.v.), who seems to regard him as little better than a feral animal, but then again Drogo doesn’t seem to like anybody very much…

Laele Mizzryn – Drow Slayer. Former Velvet Blade, now seeking a new path in the light.


The party encountered Laele at her most desperate – imprisoned by the Conclave and being worked to death in a mine. Her Dark Elf brethren had decreed this to be her fate as the consequence of a botched murder plot she was to perpetrate against the Drow Magus Decena X’ryc – already dispatched by the party – which she undertook for love of the Magus’ husband Drav.

Rescued from this grim fate by the party, she assisted them in defeating the Conclave and halting their mining operations. Afterward, with no future left among her people, Laele decided to pursue a future on the surface on her own, despite offers from Dory and Bonnie to aid and guide her. Taken captive mere hours later by the Red Hand Gang, she then had to fend off an attempt at possession by their fiendish allies. Rescued a second time, Laele told them of a strange vision that foretold their reunion and helped her resist the fiendish plot. Paired with the regretful (if temporary) departure of Johnny Law, these events served to convince the prickly Drow that she has a role to play in the party’s adventures, and she formally joined the team.

The party’s opinions on this are mixed: neither LA nor Medio trust the Velvet Blade, and tolerate her only grudgingly; Coleman, Mart, and Bonnie all support and believe in her quest for a second chance; Dory feels a kinship with the Dark Elf despite their very different attitudes, and calls her “sister.” (Laele recently returned the honor in front of everyone, thrilling her!)

Laele has also explained that the Drow cult called Kulgenn Elendar Yath (KEY) – a fanatical but clandestine group led by one Cerice Jakk, arch-enemy of Coleman – has their own plans for the Tower, which involve taking it to the Abyss. There they hope to confront their Demon Goddess Nocticula, as part of a power struggle that could reshape Drow society and return them to a position of power and influence. Dory shared this speculation with Angravva (q.v.), who was quite interested in cultivating ties with a renegade Drow, and it seems that her clandestine skill-set may soon be put to use for a different spymaster – one whose aims better fit her changing heart.

The party’s next trip to the Tower reunited Laele with Dr. Fizzkettle (q.v.), with whom she had been imprisoned by the Conclave. She felt closely bonded with the intrepid Wizard, and accompanied him to Absalom as protector (and more) during his efforts to rally “The Institute” against Ulistil’s Conclave and their horrible plans. The trip successfully ended a fiendish plot by a Hesperian posing as the Doctor, but Laele was displeased to learn that “Fizzy” had several other women in his life, and after wreaking a bit of minor havoc in Absalom high society, she soon returned to the party, rejoining them just in time for the final defeat of Samark Moonkantor.

Alegwynne Jenyre – Half-Elven Druid. Hero of Telhain, and protector of its wild environs.


The townsfolk of Telhain used to call Alegwynne a wicked witch, and their distrust pushed her away to a solitary life with only infrequent and sometimes unpleasant contact with the settlement. She serves the Green Mother and this sometimes puts her at odds with the desires of the farming community, as she advocates fiercely for the wild creatures she protects. Bonnie and the party chose to take her part and become her friend, and she battled and defeated the devils alongside them, saving the community that had rejected her.

This seems to have reawakened a desire to connect in the shy - but quite beautiful - Druid, and upon meeting Dory and hearing her strange tale, the two quickly turned an immediate physical attraction into a passionate love affair. “Gwyn” has continued to help the party with her powers, brewing potions of protection for them and rallying her many friends in the Verduran Forest to help them track down and defeat the Red Hand Gang. She still prefers the stillness of the forest to the chatter of crowds, though, and avoids Sheriff Drogo Thornburrow (q.v.) in particular – they have clashed before and there is no love lost between them.

Alegwynne was summoned to the Lodge shortly before the final clash with the Red Hand Gang, and returned a couple of days later having been granted the title of “Ovate” – official recognition of the work she had already been doing for 10 years. She also brought a Monk from Tian Xia called Thong (q.v.) with her, who had been searching for Dory for purposes of his own…

Thong – Human Monk. Disciple of Wholeness, Servant of Irori, Former Sensei to Doryen Hawkmoon.


A Human from the far-off continent of Tian Xia, Thong (or possibly Wong?) was introduced to the party by their friend Alegwynne Jenyre (q.v.) upon her return from a summons by the Wildwood Lodge. Thong had arrived at the Lodge a short time earlier on a mission of which he refused to speak – he was sworn to a Vow of Silence – but eventually a Druid conversant with the Tien language puzzled out that he was seeking a “tall, strong, golden-haired warrior woman who has lost her memory and seeks enlightenment” somewhere in the area.

Gwyn brought Thong back to the Devil’s Rest, where he revealed his purpose. He had come to heal the spirit of the Eternal Champion resident within our very confused warrior, and to ready her for a conflict with a Champion summoned by the Lord of Hell, which threatens to upset the balance between good and evil on Golarion.

It seems that the two Champions have been linked by a “cosmic accident” caused by Synisio Imbrex’s ill-fated attempt to summon a powerful fiend weeks earlier, and this explains why Dory received a vision of devils arriving through a portal deep within the Tower. The memories of the two Champions have been shattered, and Dory’s must be made whole. As commanded by his god, Thong became Dory’s sensei and trained her in certain mental disciplines. These have allowed her to rein in the worst effects of her condition, and given her greater control over the intrusive memories of her Adversary.

They shared many adventures in the Tower, and later on the Plane of Axis, where Thong met Irori’s Divine Herald, The Old Man, and was released from his Vow of Silence, replacing it with a Vow of Truth. But during a climactic battle against many powerful servants of the Adversary, Thong briefly died; when revived, he spoke of receiving a vision from Irori - the time had come for Dory to continue on without him, and for him to walk the Ten-Thousand Steps in pursuit of Enlightenment.

Warden Garris Naefaren – Elven Fighter. Silver Warden of Verduran, Devil Hunter.


Warden Garris introduced himself to the party in a manner that did not undermine the stereotype of the Elves as slightly smug know-it-alls whose pants are excessively fancy in any way, waiting for them at the entrance to the Tower (where they had just escaped a very trying encounter) and implying they were out of their depth. His pants are silver and his cloak is white and silver and Coleman in particular found him a little insufferable. Luckily, Bonnie played nice, Coleman sobered up, and Garris’s specialty is hunting devils, so they came to an accord.

Garris and some other Wardens took care of a secondary problem while the Heroes of Telhain were winning their battle in the square, busting up an altar dedicated to the Cult of Rozaceal that had attracted new recruits from the area and was proving a hot spot for animal sacrifice, with worse in the offing if it was not stopped. The party did not actually see this happen, but Alegwynne (q.v.) later confirmed that the altar had been destroyed and the cultists who did not fall in the battle at Telhain were scattered.

The Silver Wardens turned up again a week later, as the party tracked down and defeated three more devils (and watched two others escape) in their attack on the Red Hand Gang’s hideout. They arrived in time to rescue one of Garris’s men, Warden Samalion, from captivity (where fellow prisoner Laele Mizzryn (q.v.) was pressed into service keeping him barely alive) after he and two comrades were ambushed by the gang. Closer ties between the Silver Wardens and the Heroes of Telhain seem sure to follow.

Angravva – Agathion Swashbuckler. Divine Herald and companion of Chaldira Zuzaristan.


Angravva looks similar to a Kitsune, but is in fact a Vulpine Agathion – a celestial creature made from an enlightened Shade which has ascended to the plane of Nirvana. The party met them after being admitted to the Footwarmer’s Lounge, a sanctuary that is part of the domain of the Halfling demi-goddess of Luck and Mischief, Chaldira Zuzaristan. Lady Chaldira asked them to intercept Dory and her companions and attempt to woo her away from Irori’s path, so the power of the Eternal Champion might be used for Good, rather than solely focused on the threat posed by her Adversary. Dory was persuaded by their arguments – partly because they were asking only that she continue along her present course, rather than making a detour to pursue Enlightenment – and although she has not abandoned Irori, she has accepted Chaldira as a second tutelary deity, and already been richly rewarded.

In addition to being Chaldira’s companion and Herald, Angravva is also her spymaster, running many intelligence-gathering operations to keep her apprised of mortal events. They had long been aware of the Moonkantor School and had a spy planted inside, ready to assist the party. They were also aware of KEY’s movements but lacked any hint of why they were involved – until Dory shared some speculation provided by Laele Mizzryn (q.v.) This immediately piqued the agathion’s interest and, with Dory’s encouragement, they are hoping to cultivate Laele as an agent, so she may use her Velvet Blade talents in a nobler cause. Laele seems open to the idea, and as the party’s quest(s) expand in scope, an intelligence network to point them in the right direction seems like a fruitful partnership to pursue.

Angravva never appears without their trusty weapon Bravo’s Barb, a talking rapier whose words are as sharp as her point. Dory is delighted by her, and has brought Mournblade out to spar with her when she was feeling restless (as she often is.)

:moneybag: :beer: MERCHANTS AND TOWNSFOLK :beer: :moneybag:

Branim Bloodforge – Dwarven Innkeeper. Owner/Operator of the Devil’s Rest Inn in Telhain.



Branim is a cheerful sort, full of hospitality and enthusiastic about his ale – deservedly so, as it is excellent. The unofficial mayor of Telhain, he has contacts all over town and is happy to guide young adventurers looking for advice about the locals, and the local gossip. He’s also Bonnie and Dory’s boss of sorts, as both of them help out at his Inn (for tips and for free, respectively) when not out battling evil.

As the party has grown in size, Branim has offered them the use of a rental house that shares a lot with the Rest, which they have furnished and moved into. He threw in a free week’s rent since they agreed to fix its leaky roof – a task Medio easily accomplished with his remarkable Clockwork arm.

Most recently, Branim has had to make use of his Alchemist skills to defend his property, hurling firebombs at an invading force of Automatons that were trying to abscond with Dr. Fizzkettle (q.v.) He has also sold the party many a handy potion of cure light wounds to aid in their quest.

Raegar Bloodforge – Dwarven Blacksmith. Owner and Master Craftsman, Bloodforge Armory.



Raegar is Branim’s cousin and the two of them are quite friendly. Raegar is newly arrived in Telhain and is currently operating out of a temporary, wagon-based forge on the Rest’s lot. Temporary or not, he’s well-stocked and prepared to buy or sell at a fair price. Branim gave him one month to find a permanent site; two weeks in, he’s still looking. Something underground would be his preference.

Raegar also happened to be nearby when his cousin’s Inn was invaded by Automatons, and sprang into action bearing a mean-looking axe and looking to bust some heads. He was a little too late to get it swinging, but his boys took care of the cleanup, and soon those metal bodies will be repurposed into more top-quality arms and armor.

Snorri – Dwarven Blacksmith. Apprentice at the Bloodforge Armory.



Snorri is kin to a family friend of the Bloodforges. His father sent him to Raegar to learn smithing – to clear a debt, the way he tells it - but Snorri likes to read. Romances, mostly. He’s a good kid and a hard worker, if a bit prone to sneak away to get a few more pages turned on the sly. Dory likes him.

Snorri has shown some other interests as well, largely of a more cerebral type than his fellow blacksmiths at the forge. He has a good handle on probability and statistics, which he uses to talk people out of gambling unwisely, and create strategies for a new ball game that has captured the imaginations of the menfolk of Telhain. He’s having some trouble getting his contributions recognized, but keeps at it diligently.

Razahl Envesior – Kitsune Wizard. Proprietor, Razahl’s Shop of Mystical Wonders.


Until very recently, nobody in Telhain knew that the jocular, story-telling owner of the town’s magic shop wasn’t an elderly Human at all, but a shape-shifting Kitsune. It is still a secret to everybody but the party, and they have promised to keep it that way.

Razahl and Bonnie share another secret – a secret enemy that has caused each of them to search Golarion looking for their missing loved ones. He believes the Aether Tower they are exploring is connected to his problem, and has promised and provided much material aid to the party. He has even thrown them a discount or two!

As the party has discovered more about their situation, Razahl has also been pressed into service as a Sage, with his wide travels and many reference texts serving to illuminate the mysteries they encounter. This service he provides for free, since the party’s interests often coincide with his own – and also because he likes to talk.

Tadeo Envesior – Kitsune Wizard. Apprentice, assistant, and grandson to Razahl.


Handsome Tadeo is an equally handsome humanoid fox, and made an early connection with Bonnie. He is dedicated to the search for his cousin Hana, taken by the same fiends who stole away with Bonnie’s best friend Wanderlea, and he convinced his grandfather to bring the party into their circle of trust in the hopes she might be found. Like his grandfather, he finds pretty ladies distracting and is often kept busy to keep his eyes from wandering. Sometimes it works.

Brother Lito – Human Priest. Leader of Telhain’s faith community, an Arodenite.

Brother Lito


Brother Lito is of stout heart and stout physique both, but as the power of his position derives solely from the trust of his congregation, rather than the magic and other gifts of Clerics and Warpriests, he quickly found himself overmatched when caught in the middle of a plot hatched by devils. He very nearly got his neck stretched before the Heroes of Telhain saved the day.

But there are many kinds of heroes, and Brother Lito serves his community ably with the gifts he does have, compassion foremost among them. He has recently asked LA to serve as the party’s liaison to the religious and civil authorities of Telhain, and is a reliable and trustworthy view into their thinking. Grateful for the party’s assistance, Lito has been a strong voice in their cause since they saved his life, and his good opinion added to their own direct acts of compassion and care has made the villagers quite well-disposed to them.

Lito’s congregation had a big moment recently, when a golden holy symbol of Aroden that the party recovered from the Tower was revealed as an artifact that had actually been in Aroden’s presence, and was then re-dedicated to the Temple in a special ceremony that the whole party attended.

Sheriff Drogo Thornburrow – Halfling Constable. Local LEO for the Varima Barony. Cop eyes.


Sheriff Thornburrow has a big beat and a lot to handle with very few resources. Accordingly, he sometimes saves time by coming to quick judgements, and his introduction to the party was mixed at best. On the one hand, the Heroes of Telhain had just saved the town from devils, thugs, and cultists. On the other hand, he didn’t know them and thought they looked kinda raggedy, and didn’t care if they knew it. On the gripping hand, he paid the party a 500 gp bounty for delivering a criminal without them even having to ask. It’s a complicated relationship.

The Sheriff’s next interaction with the party came nearly a week later, when he put them on the trail of the Red Hand Gang, after the criminals they had captured in the Battle of Telhain broke out of prison with (further) devilish assistance. The party mostly succeeded in ridding the Verduran Forest of the gang – one criminal escaped – and earned some more grudging respect in his eyes, as well as another large bounty payment.

He has also clashed with Alegwynne (q .v.), who seems to find him inflexible and unwilling to see all sides of a question. As an ally he seems to be on the up-and-up, though not without his flaws.

Rosamund (Rosie) Wideoak – Halfling Innkeeper. Director of Hospitality at the Footwarmer’s Lounge.



Effortlessly charming, graciously efficient, and possessed of a warm and courageous heart, “Rosie” Wideoak runs the Footwarmer’s Lounge, a place of refuge for those her goddess Chaldira Zuzaristan deems worthy. She takes pride in excellent service, and is well-regarded by all of the guests. Dory warmed to her immediately during the party’s first (long) stay at the Lounge, and has cultivated her as a “gal pal” to gossip with and confide in. A lot of people have that reaction, which is quite useful to Chaldira’s network of intelligence agents…

Rosie is no longer mortal, having perished heroically in defense of her people. Running the Lounge is the divine reward ordained by her Goddess, and that is exactly how she treats it.

:handshake: :flags: NOTABLE ORGANIZATIONS :flags: :handshake:

THE SILVER WARDENS - a group of Elven devil hunters, skilled in both martial combat and spell-casting. The local chapter is led by Warden Garris Naefaren (q.v.), who has earned the trust of the party (and vice-versa) through mutual aid and assistance.

  • Ambriel and Barbiel Adrol’el Ellmishiel - a young (for Elves) pair of noble twins, newly raised to the Wardens’ banner. They were among the first to hear of Dory’s devilish experiences, and threatened her with violence before being reined in by their captain. Relations have improved since then.

  • Samalion - an experienced Warden whose patrol was attacked by Red Hand and his gang; his comrades were killed, and Samalion nearly possessed by a fiend, before being rescued by the Heroes of Telhain. Badly wounded in the ambush, he was kept alive by fellow prisoner Laele Mizzryn (q.v.) and remains grateful to her.

THE SNEAKY BLIGHTERS - a Halfling street gang based in the Back Alleys, part of the city of Aktun on the plane of Axis. Led by Medard Proudfoot (a.k.a. Medard Half-foot), a shrewd eight-toed chancer, they were paid to escort the party through the Alleys in pursuit of their enemy, and fought alongside them. Their headquarters is a tavern called The Other Half.

  • Felix the Twig - a Blighter lieutenant; his nickname comes from a habit of chewing tindertwigs when he wants to make an impression. He was the first to make contact with the party and strike a deal for free passage through their territory. Medio quizzed him about future business opportunities and found him receptive.

  • Willibald “Wee Willie” Barrowes - a tough scrapper who fights with a spiked chain. Indefatigably flirtatious, he also impressed Dory with his ability to take punishment. She calls him “Bold Billy.”

  • Mertyl - Willie’s long-suffering girlfriend. She takes a dim view of his interest in other women (including and especially Dory) and is not above throwing a glance or two in other directions in the hope of making him jealous.

  • Velun and Odo - a Druid and his loyal Raccoon Companion, in service to the Blighters but not big talkers. The party made a good impression on them both, and he rewarded them with a gift before they parted company.



Act I:

Moonday, Pharast 27, 4723: Original Five (Bonnie, Coleman, Johnny, LA, & Mart) party members arrive in Telhain
Toliday, Pharast 28 Tower cracked, Imbrex killed by summoned devil. Party meets & recruits Torgo
Wealday, Pharast 29 Party encounters Rose for the first time & gains L2
Oathday, Pharast 30 Alegwynne introduces herself to the party at the Devil’s Rest & is befriended
Fireday, Pharast 31 Party enters the Temple beneath the Tower, encounters undead & repairs Branadir
Starday, Gozran 1 Party meets Silver Warden Garris for the first time
Wealday, Gozran 5 Medio joins the party, now L3. Party defeats a Greater Shadow & destroys the Lich’s soul cage. Inquisitors arrive in Telhain; party meets Nevil and “Petreia” for the first time. Raegar Bloodforge arrives in Telhain.
((Oppara caravan))
Oathday, Gozran 6 Party defeats a giant beetle wrecking up Shalecrown Farm; party encounters a Bearded Devil while checking out devil-altar rumors for Alegwynne. Razahl & Tadeo arrive in Telhain. Party meets Zeclas for the first time.
((Cassomir caravan))
Fireday, Gozran 7 (Currentseve) Party stakes out Telhain to uncover Rozaceal’s revived cult & becomes known to many Telhain locals
Starday, Gozran 8 Nevil & Zeclas disobey “Petreia” and side with the party; the party camps out overnight & hides Nevil, they are now L4.
Sunday, Gozran 9 The Battle of Telhain, Dory swears fealty to Bonnie at the Rest.
((Maheto caravan))

Act II:

Moonday, Gozran 10 Dory joins the party; Drow Magus Decena X’ryc defeated, Shepherd’s Pie dinner; Medio fails to learn Invisibility (can recheck on G 17th)
Toliday, Gozran 11 Gwyn meets Dory, brews protection potions for the party; Medio fails to learn Bull’s Strength & Grease (can recheck on G 18th)
((Yanmass caravan))
Wealday, Gozran 12 Party defeats a Clockwork Overseer, gains L5. Gwyn & Dory pledge their hearts to each other; Medio fails to learn Fox’s Cunning & True Sight (can recheck on G 19th)
Oathday, Gozran 13 Bonnie learns her first L3 spells, and looks at a house to rent
Fireday, Gozran 14 Victory over the Conclave (for now)! Party encounters Laele Mizzryn and Big Dig. Brave Grimlock Leaps-Like-Frog joins the party after witnessing their triumph. Some new wrinkles in the overall plot are uncovered. Sheriff Thornburrow returns to Telhain with bad news about a jailbreak and offers the party an opportunity: stop the Red Hand once and for all! Bonnie signs a lease and the party begins moving into a new home. – END OF ACT II.

Act III:

Starday, Gozran 15 (Taxfest) The party sends a detachment to Varima Keep. Clues about devils are confirmed. At the Keep, the party meets Osirion merchants Azikias and Ilya and Mart receives a gift. Eddie the Smile introduces himself to Johnny on behalf of the Guild; Johnny delivers a package to Sly Sylvias in exchange for information (and gold.) Medio crafts his first Wondrous Item!
Sunday, Gozran 16 Alegwynne brings Brutus the Badger to meet the party and lead them to the Red Hand Gang’s hideout, then leaves for a work trip. The party locates the hideout and defeats the gang; Abel ‘the Fang’ escapes, while Jerry and Mads are allowed to leave after helping in the fight. Dory has a vision during the fight and displays some alarming (but very useful) fiendish gifts. These help the party banish three devils, but also attract the attention of the most powerful fiend yet… Advodaza. Laele Mizzryn joins the party, having been rescued from captivity by them a second time. The party has gained L6 after the battle with the bandits and devils.
Moonday, Gozran 17 Johnny Law bids the party farewell for now, leaving on a secret mission and taking his share of their loot with him. Medio learns Invisibility on his 2nd try, and crafts another Wondrous Item! Bonnie learns to Fly, and has fun zooming around town with Torgo. Dory does a lot of shopping and introduces Laele around town, trying to bond with her. Coleman and Frog go looking for bats; Mart gets a shave and a trim; LA makes water (the holy kind) and buys some Starknives. Consulting with Razahl and Tadeo, the party learns (a little) more about “Advodaza” – rather than a name, it is a term used for devils that serve and assist fiends striving to rise in power. The party gets dressed in their finest to attend a ceremony at the Temple of Aroden. The whole town is very happy to see their Heroes!
Toliday, Gozran 18 The party re-enters the Tower and battles their way through L6, defeating evil torture-robot Murderball and several new and dangerous Clockworks. Dr. Fizzkettle is liberated from the Conclave and is very grateful to the party, later providing much valuable information for their next trip to the Tower. Laele is very grateful “Fizzy” is safe also. Mart receives a suspicious message from Oppara claiming the Doctor has been home for weeks; the party suspects a plot against him. He will Teleport home to Absalom in Laele’s company to investigate tomorrow. Alegwynne returns, bringing the silent but very wise Thong with her; through sign, he reveals hints of Dory’s purpose and offers her enlightenment and spiritual healing, which she gladly accepts. Lord Aurenas Demetrias and his (adorable) middle son Luccio arrive in Telhain and pay a generous bounty for Red Hand et al. Both are intrigued by the party and would like to speak with them further later, and introduce them to the Baron. And, at long last, the party moves into their new home!
((Oppara caravan))
Wealday, Gozran 19 As Laele and Fizzy are just about to depart, the party is ambushed at the Devil’s Rest! Six Automaton Stalkers teleport in and almost recapture Fizzy, who thinks they tracked him physically from the Tower. Thanks to Branim and Raegar’s help, he and Laele escape as planned, with Laele promising to return to update the party on what they discover in Absalom. Medio makes another Wondrous Item, Bonnie makes a Continual Flame staff for the house and both learn new spells. Mart spends the day researching several topics of interest. Dory visits the neighbors and shops, after training with Thong and playing games with Torgo. -END OF ACT III.

Act IV:

Oathday, Gozran 20

Bonnie, Mart, and Coleman visit the Library in the Tower to research extraplanar matters; Dory tags along for security and cleanup duty. Frog has gained two levels in two days; now a L4 Ranger, he shows off his first spell: Returning Weapon. Later, Dory stops by the Temple of Aroden, with LA in tow, and clears the air with Brother Lito and Wardens Garris and Samalion, also introducing herself to “the twins,” Wardens Ambriel and Barbiel Adrol’el Ellmishiel. The latter seem OK but understandably do not like hearing Dory had a devil in her head. Brother Lito and Warden Garris are the party’s first visitors to their new home, stopping by to look at Red Hand’s maps. Medio makes another Wondrous Item and scribes a scroll, Bonnie learns new spells. Coleman treats the party to breakfast-for-dinner. And to wrap up the evening, Mart plays a packed house at the Rest while LA demonstrates his piano skills at last! Mart buys a lot of drinks with the proceeds and scans the crowd for devil cultists - he doesn’t find any.

((Cassomir caravan))

Fireday, Gozran 21 Rent (750 gp) is paid for the party’s first month in the house! Bonnie and Medio swap spell books for a copy session - she wants Spider Climb and he wants Cat’s Grace. Bonnie also buys a scroll of Fireball and learns that one too. Medio scribes a couple scrolls and buys an ounce of Sovereign Glue. Bonnie also helps get the rest of the group organized for their mission, accounting for everything they’re taking with them. Our Wizards are as prepared as they can be for tomorrow. Mart spends his day doing Bard stuff and talks philosophy with Frog and Cuthbert, then plays another great show at the bar and keeps his tips this time. Dory enjoys a lovely morning taking a nice walk around town, smiling at everyone she meets, then cozies up to Alegwynne in the evening. She will need the strength of a full heart to face the strange and difficult tasks ahead.

Starday, Gozran 22 Returning to the Tower, the party smashes up more Clockworks, and some Robots, before meeting Evaluator EVL-T0RK3. A parlay results in a new alliance with the Robots AGAINST the Conclave, who have been holding them hostage by threatening to destroy their Control Board. It is being held on Axis, at the Moonkantor School where they hope to find the kidnapped children, so the party promises to recover and return it to the Robots in exchange for standing aside while they invade the Forge – and then, on to Axis! So the invasion is rescheduled for tomorrow. And the party has gained L7! Clockwork Servant Sparks is reactivated and brought back to town; he will be installed as the caretaker and (non-lethal) security guard for the party’s home.

((1st Oppara caravan returns days late, due to flooding in the River Kingdoms.))

Sunday, Gozran 23 To the Forge, and beyond! The party defeats the Just Trinity, a trio of Automatons guarding the portal to Axis; their peculiar code of honor turns them into allies after they hear why Axis needs invading. They provide the party with badly needed information and send them off with a promise to assist once the mission has succeeded.

On Axis, the party is badly harrassed by devils and worse, but encounters even more allies – a Formian Taskmaster, and Halfling explorer Arnulf Silentfoot – after managing to defeat them. Arnulf grants them entry to the Footwarmer’s Lounge, a magical place of safe repose that will give them time to learn new spells, make a plan, and even craft some magic items! Dory is surprised to find her name already on a reservation at the Lounge – she’s a guest of the demi-goddess Chaldira Zuzaristan, whose BFF Angravva was hoping to meet her later to discuss her destiny. Said discussion happens ahead of schedule, as Irori’s Herald The Old Man arrives to urge Dory to climb a holy mountain and get her head right before going any further. But Dory chooses others ahead of herself, and will fulfill Bonnie’s mission of mercy, earning Chaldira’s favor instead. Bonnie starts a second spell book, and Medio crafts his first non-disposable Wondrous Items!

Moonday, Gozran 24 Refreshed, retrained, and re-equipped, the party invades the Moonkantor School of Magic through a less secure point of entry their Formian allies found for them. They quickly contact Davemin Cinderhand, a Chaldiran asset working as its chef, and get him and his kitchen staff on side. The party defeats Mesli Moonkantor and her minions (including several powerful devils of types they had met before) in their longest combat ever - 10 rounds! Dory has another vision of her Adversary’s past, and manages to bring it under control, to the party’s benefit - the memory has given her the power to Teleport!

After collecting what treasure and information was offered to them at the School, the party (now at L8) takes the former student Wizards to the Footwarmer’s Lounge to be cared for, while they continue the hunt for Samark Moonkantor and the remaining students. Dory runs into Laele waiting for them in the Forge and brings her along too - Angravva wants her intel on what KEY is up to, and maybe to offer her a position as an agent. The two are introduced and come to an accord, and after a short break for the Wizards’ benefit, Laele accompanies the party to the mysterious Back Alleys, where Samark has taken the last half-dozen students with ill intentions.

A Halfling gang called the Sneaky Blighters are hired to act as guides. Several battles with roaming Undead are won, and the party rescues Keretean Otvos, a Priest of Abadar, as Bonnie and Mart convince two more students to abandon Samark’s plans. The party shells out 1,000 gp of hard-earned treasure to Hell’s Bel and her Hell’s Castoffs to sort out a turf dispute and finally arrive at Potter’s Alley. - END OF ACT IV.

Act V, now in progress:

Moonday, Gozran 24


The stage is set for the final battle with Samark Moonkantor, and the rescue of Wanderlea, Hana, and the last remaining students of the Moonkantor School!

Future events…

+19 days - On or around Moonday, Desnus 15th , the Sand Rose should be back in port.
Rent for Carrot the Pony’s stall space and fodder (15 gp) is due.

+27 days - On Sunday, Desnus 21st , rent for the party’s new home (750 gp) is due.

+80 days - On or around Fireday, Erastus 14th , Branim’s new experimental mead should be ready.



Ori would like to remind everyone that we do SHOTS! for a new thread. Who’s buying?


So how many days has it been now since that first meeting at the Devil’s Rest?

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We’re three days short of a full calendar month, on the Prime Material Plane calendar. And we have an extra ~23 days of Lounge experiences that took place yesterday and today.


8 levels in less than a month?


And two in the past three days! A very large chunk of XP was awarded when we saved two dozen Moonkantor students, with more to come when we get them back to their loved ones.


And lots of great loot. Medio is happy.

He’s also currently on a roof out of reach of Juju Zombies and Skeletal Champions, hoping Samark will rush forward into Medio’s kill zone. (Just come within 30’. You can do it.)


Don’t forget about that Versatile Weapon scroll Medio can use to change the damage type of his arrows. Unfortunately, we have two types of Undead enemies whose DR is penetrated by different damage types, so he’d have to choose one or the other.

(He could also save it and add the spell to his spellbook later, although Razahl is likely to be able to produce another one easily, since it’s a Transmutation spell and that’s one of his favorite schools.)

Well, Medio should be able to hit him from considerably farther away than that; Point-Blank range only provides an extra +1 to hit. He can shoot from up to 60’ away before taking a penalty, and is only at -2 for distances up to 115 feet.

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sneak attacks need to be closer, I believe.

Ranged attacks can count as sneak attacks only if the target is within 30 feet.


Ah, that appears to be correct:

Should the rogue score a critical hit with a sneak attack, this extra damage is not multiplied. Ranged attacks can count as sneak attacks only if the target is within 30 feet.


Of course, if Samark gets closer, Medio also has Enervation to consider as an option.

He might have to play defense and cast Web.

Lots can happen before Medio’s turn.

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Bonnie would still like to take Samark alive if possible and bring him to the Lawgiver. She isn’t sure how much of what he’s done has been of his own volition.

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Bringing the Party Initiative rolls forward from the previous thread:

Party Init:
22 Mart
21 Bonnie
18 Thong
18 Keretean
15 Frog
15 Torgo
13 Medio/Cuthbert
12 Dory
10 Laele
4 LA
3 Coleman

Previously, Dory rushed headlong into danger, hoping to take Samark and his Undead Army by surprise and wreak some havoc. Unfortunately, as soon as she had Samark in sight, she was knocked prone by an uncontrollable vision of the near past. Seeing the Eternal Champion rush up to them, and then fall down, those quick Juju Zombies now start their attack.

Juju Zombie1 chops at Dory with it’s short sword, somehow missing her despite her Prone position.

Juju Zombie6 moves past Juju Zombie3 to the square just north of Dory, and also attacks her with it’s short sword. It does connect with the Prone fighter, delivering 9hp damage to her from the attack.

Two new undead creatures float into view, one from the far east side of the area, stopping 10’ east Skeletal Champion1, and the other from north of the shed, floating past Samark as it moves into position 10’ east of Skeletal Champion4.

The ghostly creatures are little more than dark shapes, each with two flickering pinpoints of light where their eyes should be.

@CleverPete it is now Mart’s turn.

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