Mystery Science Pathfinder 3000 Act V: The Indestructible Play by Post campaign

Assuming Medio is currently hidden, he can stealthily move closer and still sneak attack. I think.


If he makes a 5’ Step he can probably get 2 shots, but I think only 1 would get to be a Sneak Attack.

There is also Naevia’s 15(!) DR for non-Blugeoning attacks, which will surely eat all the physical damage an arrow does, Sneak Attack or not. Medio would probably be better off shooting twice at Fury 1 with Devil Bane arrows, since that DR is only 5.

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Good point, he lost another hp, and is now at -5.

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Round 7 begins.

@CleverPete it is Mart’s turn.

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Rif-Fest is about a month away:

I am going, and @Aquarius will be there as well. Is anyone else thinking about showing up? It would be cool to meet up in person to enjoy some riffing, and just hang out and chat. I know @Ajax is in the area, but no pressure if it isn’t your kind of thing. I just thought I would give it a mention, since it is getting close, and they are trying to nail attendance down.


I’m in New York, so will be there only in spirit I’m afraid.


I have had it penciled in since @Aquarius hipped me to it, and Joliet IL is only about an hour from my place, so I can socialize all day and still sleep in my own bed. :trophy:

(I have been telling myself that I should start intensifying my job search after I get back from my trip to Austin at the end of this month… but delaying that an extra week for another event that should be a ton of fun? Can do!)

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Mart will move E, E, E, NE and point the wand of ray of enfeeblement at Fury2.

UMD: 16+11= 17
Attack: 9+6+1+1-2=15
SR: 4+9 = 13. Even if 15 hits, 13 is not going to get past its SR.

Performance lingers.


I would love to, but I am half a world away in Arizona. I, too, will be there in spirit !

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I’m in California, so it’s also too much of a trip for me. Also the timing doesn’t work out for me this August.


That move would require and acrobatics check to avoid the open grave, as would moving NE first (just a different open grave). Moving E, NE, E, E gets him to the same spot without having to make any checks, so unless Mart really want to roll Acrobatics, I am moving him via the route I mentioned.

Correct, and the 15 is a miss, so either way she is not enfeebled.

@AndrewCrossett it is Bonnie’s turn.

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Bonnie will move to the square just NW of Malachi, and use Dragon’s Breath to send a line of acid at Fury 1 and Naevia.

SR for Fury 1: 4 + 8 + 2 = 14, no good.

Damage for Naevia: 2 + 2 + 4 + 6 + 3 + 5 + 3 + 5 + 4 (intense spells) = 34


Bonnie is unable to overcome Fury1’s SR, and she is unaffected by the spell.

Naevia makes her Reflex save, and only takes half damage, 34 / 2 = 17hp. She is still in the fight, and given that she is already dead, it is nearly impossible to determine how damaged she is.

Using Dragon Style, Thong moves up to the square East of Laele, and attacks Fury2 with his Temple Sword.
Attack Roll: 10 + 13 + 2 (Mart) = 25, which hits.
Damage Roll: 4 + 7 + 7 (Style) + 2 (Mart) = 20 - 5 (DR) = 15hp damage to the Devil.
He then uses a swift action to spend a point of Ki and activate the Ki Intensifying power of the sword and attempt a Disarm combat maneuver on her without provoking AOO.
Disarm roll: 14 + 13 + 2 (Mart) = 29, which does not quite beat her 31 CMD.

“Leah, did you see what your friend just did?!” Hana says excitedly, “And she started learning magic at the same time as you. Samark and Mesli have really been holding us back!”

I need to pause here and get back to work. Fury1 is up next, and I will post her turn later this afternoon.

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“They didn’t really care if we learned magic or not,” Bonnie says to the girls. “They just wanted to hold our interest long enough to corrupt us and sacrifice us… which they weren’t very good at. Malachi here seems to be the only one who really bought it, but we’ll set him straight.”


“Watch your own back, Lich, but make sure you don’t try to cut and run.” Fury1 says taking a 5’ step NW, “I need to teach this Priest of Desna a lesson.”

She then fires two arrows at LA, and both hit. The first does 5hp physical damage, and 3hp fire damage. The second attack does 7hp physical, and 1hp fire. The 4 points of fire damage is absorbed by his Fire Protection, leaving 5 + 7 = 12hp physical damage done.

“Amos seemed pretty excited about this whole thing as well,” Wanderlea replies, “and I don’t know about Isaac, but he is with Amos, wherever Headmaster… uh, I mean Samark, sent them. Do you remember Isaac? Oh, this probably isn’t the time to be asking…”

Frog administers the CLW potion to Samark, and rolls 8!+1 = 9, stabilizing him, and bringing him into positive (4) hp territory. Healing does double duty in this case, both healing lethal damage and reducing non-lethal damage by the same amount. He now has 51hp non-lethal damage.

“Now you sees why Torgo is Breaf Weapon Twins!” Torgo says as he flies 50’ to the square just east of Fury1. He uses his Acid Breath, which I believe I have been playing as a cone, but I just noticed that it is actually a line effect, and he can hit both Fury1 and Naevia with it.

It is a Su ability, not a spell, so it does not trigger Fury1’s SR. Torgo continues to roll low, however, only doing 1 + 2 + 1 + 4 = 8hp on 4d6. That is not enough to beat the Fury’s Acid Resistance of 10, and Naevia makes her reflex save, reducing the damage further to 4hp.

@EBK it is Medio/Cuthbert’s turn.

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“We found Amos and Isaac and convinced them of the error of their ways. They’re both back safe with the other students.”

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All this time I’d kind of thought he had a choice of a line or a cone, because he accidentally burned Dory with acid after rolling a critical failure in her first Boss Fight.

But looking back, that was a different ability (acidic ray), which is not technically a Breaf Weapon, although he also delivers it with his mouth. It uses a ranged touch attack, thus allowing for crit-fails.


Fury1 is conveniently in Medio’s 30’ kill zone. Medio will fire a couple Devil Bane arrows at her and see what happens. Hopefully, sneak attack will apply.

Stealth: 16+19+5=40

Attack: 19(+4 BAB)(+1 size)(+4 DEX)(+2 Bow)(+2 Mart)(+2 Bane enhancement)(+1 P-B Shot)(+1 Haste)=36

Damage: 3(-1 STR)(+2 Mart)(+2 Bow)(+2 Bane enhancement)(+1 P-B Shot)(+6+5 sneak)(+5+4 Bane damage)=29

Attack: 2!(+4 BAB)(+1 size)(+4 DEX)(+2 Bow)(+2 Mart)(+2 Bane enhancement)(+1 P-B Shot)(+1 Haste)=19

Damage: 4(-1 STR)(+2 Mart)(+2 Bow)(+2 Bane enhancement)(+1 P-B Shot)(+2+6 sneak)(+2+1 Bane damage)=21

Edited to include corrections noted below.

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Yikes, did you really roll 1 + 1 for your Bane damage on both shots? (It’s 2d6, not just +2.)

Wait. I did that wrong. Editing…