Mystery Science Pathfinder 3k Act III - The Play by Post Campaign that Would Not Die

The scale mail is a no-go for Frog?

That settles that, then. She can keep her own stuff and Frog can take the +2 leather.

That’ll give him +1 to AC (18 → 19) and save him a few pounds of encumbrance.

No, he can wear it, Rangers get Med Armor Proficiency. I thought Slayers got it as well, but Laele’s archetype might be swapping that for something else.

And he takes no move penalty?

Frog is proficient with Medium Armor but does not have the Armor Training he would need to move at his full 30’ speed while wearing it. Dory thinks he needs speed to get into range for his thrown weapons more than he needs DR right now.

Armor Training is a Fighter thing.

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I dunno… he’s a 2nd level character in a 6th level party.

He hasn’t taken a hit yet, and ideally will never take one. 2 DR isn’t going to save him from a Construct Overseer’s attack, but staying the heck away from it will.

Frog would take the move penalty, but his AC would go from 19 to 21, and he would have that DR 2/-.

I guess it’s up to Frog!

Frog likes the leather better, the scale mail pinches him too much.

The other consideration is that we have too many party members who can only move 4 squares and it causes too many logjams in the early rounds of combat.

That’s kind of why she was hoping he would go Barbarian when he made L1. That would’ve given him an extra 10’ of move and he’d have !! 40 !! at his disposal in Light Armor.

Don’t know if Frog with Rage ability would be a good thing in a town full of people who might annoy him.

Over the long weekend, I’m hoping to be able to update our page with all the stuff we got from this caper… er, adventure… once we know for sure what we get to keep. And maybe get a start on putting basic character sheets on there.

Feels like we’ve got our feet under us with the prisoners and the loot now, so Dory is ready to fast forward the action to the Devil’s Rest or the rental house for dinner, and share the details of her vision.

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After the party has refreshed and fortified themselves with food and drink, Dory will quietly ask for their attention.

“Friends, I am much relieved by our victory against the devils today. Our battle with the fiends hath made me feel a true and full member of the company at last, for today I was at my lady’s side and guarding her from harm – just as I should have been a week ago when last they menaced Telhain.”

Dory’s expression turns troubled. “Yet my joy is tempered, for during our battle a very strange thing happened to me. When first the Hesperian appeared, my mind became clouded by a vision. I will share it now in hopes that you may have some notion whether it offers salvation or further peril.”

Dory retails her vision exactly as she experienced it.

"When I came back to myself, my eyes felt hot and strange, my hands glowed with eerie light, and the voices in the black pool fell silent. I remained thus until the devils had departed, whereupon I felt the strange feelings leave me and was once more as you see me.

“What do you think this means?”

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You keep saying that, and to the extent that at least he’s going armed, you are correct.

But there’s a good reason you haven’t seen him use it on anything less than a can’t miss KO:

Attack roll: d20 +2 (weapon modifier) +2 (BAB) +1 (Dex) +1 (size) - 4 (non-proficiency) = d20+2
Damage roll: d3 +2 (weapon modifier) + d6 - 2? (does Strength modifier apply on a crossbow?)

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It does not.

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How does the +2 leather compare to the Mithral chain shirt that Johnny is wearing?

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Yeah, that’s a fair point. If it were a light crossbow it would be a Simple weapon and he could use it normally, but a hand crossbow is Exotic so everybody in the party (except Johnny and maybe Laele, I guess) will take that -4.

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The mithral shirt is better – has the same protection at +0 that leather does at +2, and weighs a couple pounds less.

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You’re weird, which results in creativity.

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