Mystery Science Pathfinder 3k Act IV - The Amazing, Colossal Play by Post Campaign

And if we don’t walk into it (or disable it), it will feel unappreciated.


Well, folks, Dory is ready to go over the hill. We took all the crates (ETA: except the empty ones, probably) out of the room below, so – if they haven’t been replaced – there’s less cover, but more room to move around.

And the lift workings create a big barrier to reinforcements coming from the rest of the level.

Let’s put Dory in front followed by Coleman, Bonnie, and Thong, and get on down there.

(Medio can fill in where he likes if we don’t wind up in combat time, but he should cast Mage Armor first.)

:+1: ?

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Leeeeeroy! :metal:


Just wait until she gets those armor and shield upgrades going with our next level.

You think she’s fearless now?

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Medio sees the others armor up, so he will as well.

Medio casts Mage Armor on himself.


As Dory moves through the doorway at the bottom of the stairs, she sees that the lift room is empty, but the double doors to the south are propped open, and the clattering noises are coming from just beyond them.

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Dory will quietly tell Coleman what she sees so he can pass it up the line.

She thinks the front-line folks (to include Thong) should get on down there to block the south doors quickly - we should all be within a double move of the spaces south of the lift mechanism - while our ranged fighters stay behind it ready to shoot/cast/throw.

(Medio might need to take that spot N of Coleman to have something to hide behind for Sneak Attack.)

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Bonnie once again has her rod of reach and staff of minor arcana sticking out of her backpack for easy access. She is ready to cast shocking grasp on anything metal that comes through the door.

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Dory passes the word up the line.

Bonnie checks to make sure her Rod and Staff are both in reach.

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Here’s what Dory has in mind for the front line.

She and Coleman need double moves, while fleet-footed Thong can get there in a single move.

Folks in the back can please themselves.


Whispering to the group : “Dory says there’s a tuna casserole on your Auntie’s coffee table…No, wait, she says there’s a group of robots beyond the double doors!”

Coleman acknowledges Dory’s plan, and hustles to a location just North of the Eastern door.

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Bonnie loves tuna casserole.

Is there line of sight through the lift housing? Could Bonnie stand behind it and have a decent straight-on view of the door through it?

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LA hears the news and sees others scrambling down the steps. With an “Ope, just gonna squeeze past ya there guy”, he descends the steps and parks himself two squares to the east of where @Ajax diagrammed for Thong to be.

Medio will move as fast as his tiny legs permit, aiming for a spot in the SW corner of the room.

Yes, it can be seen and shot through without a problem, but not moved through.

Mart will make a double move forward. Which is only 30’ and I think still leaves him in the stairwell.

We are not in initiative order yet, so action economy does come into consideration just yet. Once you have a plan of action, and start moving around, if you fall into init, then we will figure out where everyone was when the fight started, and take it from there.

Yes, there is line of sight through the lift machinery, and it provides soft cover.

Bonnie parks herself right behind the lift.

If Dory and Coleman moving to the doorway hasn’t gotten them spotted yet and a combat started, Mart will continue down out of the stairs and take a look for trap doors, starting with looking under the existing stairway.

Perception 15+13=28.