Mystery Science Roleplaying

(Must. Resist. Urge. To. Stat. Up. Mister B Natural. For. Mutants. And. Masterminds…!)

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“Yes, she came out of the coma, and she didn’t appreciate the fact that Max was the only matching blood type! Who knows what kind of weird things are in his DNA?”

Pulls out electronic pad.

“Now, if you’ll just help me find an adapter, we can plug this in and get on with our date! You didn’t even call me, by the way, and that’s like, number 3 on the list.”

We might be able to repurpose some stuff from the Simulator? Kinga stored the old Interocitor in there. It doesn’t seem to work, but the goody clown face is still intact

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“So, the plan is to give you monkeys each a typewriter, and have come up with the proper words to the Rockford Files theme song.”

Proceeds to point to pile of old typewriters, ink ribbons and pallets of White-Out correction fluid.

“And don’t go sniffing all the White-Out, we audit the inventory every other Tuesday on the third leap year of last decade of the first half of each century!”

Umm guys I think the simulator is on fire.

I’m gonna head down and check it out.

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“What, that pungent skunk smell? No, don’t worry, Arlo is just taking some of his ‘medicine’ again.”

Warning Red Light GIF by Mashed

“…Or not…”

I’ve solved the fire problem but the tubes are destroyed meaning I’m stuck here. And I appear to have intro sign.

Pushes the button.

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“Now, I’ve got to go, you, Arlo, and the rest these bozos let me know how much hurting this next video puts you through!”

looks up the scheduled broadcasting

Oh no…

It can’t be…

Oh Gawd no!!

*The paper slips from my hands and the words “Torgos Theme” is faintly seen.

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Kinga rarely responds to distress cals from the Simulator. She considers them a good sign for experiments. But, if some of you techs have tools on you, I bet we could find a way to break in. Earplugs might be a plus, too

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I’m gonna step out of character for a second and ask if you guys are willing to join my discord server so we can actual riff movies here.

Here’s the invite link: The SOL


Hmm, it’s telling me the invite is expired.

I don’t have discord, thanks for the invite though!

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Alright, let’s see how much deep hurting you can handle. I want riffs, people, and I want them now!

Leave a time stamp, and a riff to take part!

Is it Tron? Is it Robocop? No! It’s a dreaded amalgamation of both, it is…Automan.

1:20 - The white zone is for loading and unloading of passengers only.

1:38 - I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

2:12 - BANG!

2:20 - BANG!

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:19 “Desi! Who’s your favorite ‘nepo baby’?”

:24 “Wait, is that the White Dot?”

:40 “Cursor’s our Ladies Man

:47 “Now waitaminut, does his costume come with seat belts? That’s safety conscious, right there!”

0:08 fun fact this is the original tron movie.

0:10 GO GO Auto Rangers!!!

0:21 oh Guys it’s Akton!!!

1:40 that car is the same size as that plane.

2:06 why are you looking at me like that!!! Do I have chocolate on my face!!!

2:10 GO GO gadget gun!!!

3:44: time for my security job

4:39 OH NO My arthritis!!!

5:09 I have identified the driver as radical.

5:35 just a normal day in the California PD

5:37 Universal studios?!!

5:58 hot m*lfs are not a project. But they are so cute!!!

6:51 did they get McDonald’s!!!

7:18 I see it was national red pants day in Switzerland.

9:19 so he’s designed to direct traffic in the dark.

9:24 do you want the meats?!!!

9:47 this costume required 10 pounds of LEDs and 2000 Dollars worth of special effects.

10:04 that music is the studio celebrating that they have something to market to kids.

11:31 I don’t think I want to enter your dimension.

12:07 oh this isn’t Comic-con.

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5:36 If this office is a rockin’ don’t come a knockin’!

Well it wasn’t that bad. But the pipe is still broken and I honestly don’t think I’m gonna get back to the satellite. Luckily the fridge is still stocked up and the theater is fine. But I don’t think the bots have recovered from Emily leaving.

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Hey guys welcome to the simulator of love. Today we are counting down the new Year by going back and rewatching some of our favorite childhood shows.

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