Mystery Scribble Theater: My little baby fan comic

I had asked the mods a couple weeks back if it was OK to start my own art/comic thread and only just now got around to it. I wanted to share my old MST3K fan comic without hijacking the Mighty Fan Art Thread, especially since the bulk of this is serialized.

Please keep in mind that these are old now (they feel a million years old oh god) and my art style has improved. And yes, I was still using GPC’s old name, though I’m making good on keeping with the change now. :purple_heart:

Anyway, this all started cos of “Every Country Has a Monster” and my little artist heart looked at Jonah and said “I MUST DRAW THIS MAN.” I did this one for giggles.

I had no idea what I was doing, so naturally, I kept doing it.


I should maybe go on and post the comic that actually got serious attention. This was cranked out in a weekend when I was having a Very Not Good Time.

I threw this at my Twitter that day, then went to bed. At 2AM, my phone started going crazy in what I still call the Jonah Ray Twitter Retweet Party. And then people started finding me. The whole daggum fandom found me and they said “Hey, you should join us!”

Joke’s on all of you. I’m still here. BWAHAHAHA. Nah, I’ve had a lot of fun and made a lot of friends, so that one RT did a lot of good. Thanks, Jonah. :yellow_heart:


These are all new (and awesome!) to me, so keep 'em coming!


Thank you!!! I’m gonna try to spread them out a little so I don’t overwhelm everyone, but gosh it’s nice to remember how much fun this was.


Thanks for the serotonin hit, always appreciated! (does MysteryScribbleTheater happy dance)


I so absolutely adore these Mystery Scribble Theater creations. :smiley:

It feels like they do so much to fill in all the blanks on the stuff that happens around the edges of MST3K in an expanded universe kinda fashion. In a way, they’re kinda sorta somewhat like the Gizmoblips BEFORE the Gizmoblips.

And they’re so fun and whimsical and expressive and everything! Most importantly, it feels like they really capture the -heart- of our favorite show, the essence of these great characters, and the reasons as to why we love MST3K so much.

Thank you so much for sharing your talent and hard work with us here - cheers and all the best!


As much as I love the riffing on the show, a part of me does kind of want to see some more character interactions outside the theater, like their daily life and hi jinx they get into, and this comic is a great example of that! Great job! Keep doing what you’re doing!


These are really good! Thank you so much for sharing. :smiley:


what did they say?


This is very sweet. It’s kinda nice to see the bots actually can help a host keep their sanity every once in a while.


They said it was OK cos they’re awesome peeps. :smiley:


After I had shared the two little comics, my brain started actually turning out PLOT. Be prepared, for MST3K is one of my Special Interests and I absorb details like a sponge. 1101 has Jonah note that he had already been there two months upon the first broadcast with him as the new experiment, er HOST, and that was my official starting point.

They seriously drop him out of the Tube like a daggum ragdoll in that intro.

I absolutely wanted to do slice-of-life-in-space and I did for a while and it was fun! I still have scripts and sketches from ideas that just never did happen. :frowning: BUT I’m happy about sharing these again with folks who haven’t seen them.


These are all awesome!


Give her some RAM chips, Jonah.

Of COURSE I would have him bond with GPC first cos she’s absolutely the sweetest, plus she’s the one running the ship. She’s gonna know what’s what.

My version of Jonah is definitely a nonstop creator/inventor/tech genius problem solver. Also, do you have any idea how hard it is to draw an upside-down car seat?

(I need to reply to everyone, but I have to revisit how to do block quotes. THANK YOU though for loving this stuff!! :heart: )


Thank you for sharing! Seeing these has been a highlight of the last couple days. :slight_smile:

Edit to add:

Block quotes are easy too. When you’re writing your post, you just scroll up to the thing you want to quote, highlight it, and a little box that says “Quote” appears above your highlight. Click that box, and the quote goes straight into your post, formatted, attributed, and everything.


I have several of these (it went on for a couple months originally), but so I don’t overwhelm everyone, I hope the drip feed is OK.

Aww Crow’s little angry face. And that first panel is one of my favorites, honestly.

(Edit: I’ll try to get some replies in tonight. Last night, I got home and kinda died after the Jackbox thing. Appreciate y’all! :heart: )


I think I prefer that, yeah. This is the first I’ve ever seen these, and it’s kind of nice to just follow along day by day with it.


Time for some housekeeping before I post the next strip! I’ve owed you these.

Thank you! This was definitely a labor of love and I’m really happy to share it again. The love it gets gives ME a serotonin hit for sure, so it’s a nice cycle. :heart:

OMG thank you! My original intention was to expand on the crew’s adventures outside of the show. There’s so much going on in their world or at least I sure think so.

Drawing expressions is my favorite part. I didn’t know I could make the robots really emote at all, then someone told me that my Crow reminded them of a puppy and I melted.

Space slice-of-life! I really wanted to give them a life outside what we see, including the prerequisite hijnks. (In my notes, I was SO giving Jonah an unhealthy RAM Chips habit, thanks to Crow. SOMETIMES YOU GET SO HUNGRY OK.)

Ahh, thank YOU!! (And thank you Mod Squad for letting me share!)

:heart: They’re definitely mischief personified, but they’re not bad. They were built to be robot friends!

I almost forgot how much fun these were. Thank YOU everyone.


Oh look, a new guy! YOU STAY WHERE YOU ARE, NEW GUY.


I DID forget that when I started this, Crow spoke binary. He IS a computerized being, afterall. I won’t make you all go through the translation process. He’s saying “BACK OFF YA GOON”

EDIT: I had to check my own notes on this–Crow’s voice right now sounds like dial-up modem noises. Please imagine that screaming at you from this angry little pin.

That’s a C3P0 leg. Don’t ask where he got it. There’s sooo much stuff on the SOL.

Crow is absolutely protecting his wee little brother. I love me a good family dynamic.


You’re expecting us to believe that’s just a leg of a protocol droid laying about on the SOL?

Where did you hide the rest of it!?