Name thank you on movies

Would itbee possible for a backer to be able to find out what movie his name is on?


Thank you for asking in a better way!

It’s no, “Listen, Mac. We gotta know where our names are, see?” But it’ll do.


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In the same vein, I have a dumb question: I forgot what name I put for myself. Is there a way to check on that? I think you were asked in a survey what you wanted your name to be, right?

Is there a way to check what answers you put/what name you wanted to give yourself?

Assuming you kept the email, you can check your final answers there. Otherwise, you need to sign into KS and check your backerkit survey.

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Was there an answer to the original post other than the sub post for reviewing names request?

Not as far as I can tell. I’ve been checking every movie manually with bated breath.