Nate's Crow

I have a guess as to where Nate’s Crow will show up. We know he worked on the new season, but we also know Kelsey is the new Crow for Emily’s SoL crew.

Don’t click this if you’d rather not have anything spoiled, in the off-chance that I’m right.

Nate will be Crow for Joel’s episodes.
Sure, they could bring in Bill or Hampton, but they have their own crew/projects.
Sadly, it won’t be Trace, though I’d love to proved wrong on THAT.
But Nate and Joel have worked together, and I bet Nate will be in Joel’s episode(s).

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Okay, that’s enough of that – you can get back to arguing if a hot dog is a sandwich now…

Uh… sorry if I have to say this, but…
He’s (sadly) not gonna show up.


Based on the after-show talk from last night, Nate left early enough along in the process that Kelsey was there for the shooting of the episodes with Emily.

So no Nate. Sorry.


I think I just read elsewhere that there were social media posts from him, working on the show, during the production period.

My navigation skills are lacking, but I’ll try to find where that was…

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Swing and a miss, buddy.


He was definitely there for the shooting based on photos. We’ll have to see when the credits are on the episode next week, but I presume we’ll see him credited as a Crow Puppeteer, and Kelsey dubbed the speaking parts.

Photos from the Joel shoot show Kelsey operating puppets, so it’s likely she’s Joel’s Crow.

Bill said on a Reddit AMA that Joel asked him to be involved in the new season, but that he ended up declining.


I think the only question is did they both shoot and operate Crow for Emily’s episodes? It doesn’t matter to me tbh, but it is an idle curiosity. This isn’t The Parallax View.

This seems telling. I think if it was just “Nate operated the puppet sometimes” there’d be no need to be cagey!

From this thread:
Let’s talk about Kelsey Ann Brady, with special guest: Kelsey Ann Brady!

“Wait and see…”

Yeah, it is entirely possible and/or likely he voiced and operated for the entirety of Emily’s episodes which are now redubbed. But again, it really doesn’t matter to me.


So we’re saying he left early in the process – but then swung back by for the wrap – and his lines were re-dubbed in post for some reason?

That sounds weirder than my crackpot theory.


In retrospect, I’m not entirely sure he’s really in that photo. And then there’s the disembodied hand to the far left.


Isn’t that him, tucked in to the right of Crow, to the left of Jonah?


Yes, but the lighting on him just looks a bit odd to me, as if he were composited in. Probably just my imagination.

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It is just your imagination. That is Nate in the photo, holding Crow.


Yes, not disputing that at all.

This photo is from October. Nate was still a part of everything up until February. I saw him on the 5th at the Time Bubble Show in New York. The penultimate show.

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If they want Kelsey to play Crow in the future, then whatever, but it’s really weird and almost kinda wrong if she’s dubbing Nate. Assuming that’s all true, I think someone should tell Joel that we don’t care about continuity.


Why is it wrong?

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Well, assuming he did the work, his work should be heard. This is all hypothetical of course, since we don’t have all the facts.

I was just thinking that if I played Crow and got dubbed over, I’d be a little salty.


That’s also possible.