Navigating VHX on a basic browser (chrome for me)- eps/purchases seem a bit 'buried'?

I know a lot of the talk has been around working out any issues with the app, but for me that’s been error-free, woohoo and such (Roku). But of course I’ve got my own little confundrum- signing into the vhx page, I keep hoping for a more direct link to ‘my stuff’ as it were. It’s only a few clicks, but seems a bit clunky to have to dig into what I usually associate with account settings to see purchases etc.

What am I missing? Thinking there’s likely an easier way to get there ‘now’ at log-in. I know this is a vhx-side issue, but if anyone’s cracked it, it’s this lot.



Your title says you’re using chrome but the body of the message says Roku. Which one were you using?


I agree the browser interface is convoluted (and that’s generous) I have to go into purchases to get to the backer lists to get to the episodes I own. There must be some sort of disconnect between the backer kit info and the website, that the episodes you’ve purchased don’t appear in the regular episode lists.

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As mentioned in other threads, VHX really isn’t designed for easy use. Its interface is quite basic. It’s a platform whose owners have moved from directly providing end-user service to providing a place for others to build their sites that provide end-user service. The Gizmoplex should provide a way to do that.


i agree with this. it was easier to find stuff before they added the season 13 updates, but even before that it wasn’t very user friendly.

i also agree/hope this will be resolved with the gizmoplex so probably won’t be an issue for long.

i think they were implying they use both. roku experience has been good, chrome has been bad.