Navigation needs to be more intuitive

The Cambot in the upper right is easy to miss and there’s no real hint that you click on it to bring up navigation.

I really think there should be a way to just go up a floor or down a floor. The two escalators have up and down arrows on them but you can’t click on those.

In general I think there should be more things to click on to bring up fun little MST3K things to look at. There’s also a big opportunity for little easter eggs for people to realize they can click and then start spreading the word about their discoveries.


As I recall from Matt’s site tour, the plan is indeed to have the escalators bring you from floor to floor. But the Gizmoplex is a work in progress. They call it a beta test, but it seems to more be in the alpha stage. They’ve got the skeleton of the place working. You can see what’s going to be there, you can watch your purchased movies, and that’s about it so far. There are plans to do much more with it. Including being able to pick up a video canister, put it into a doohickey next to the video fridge, and flush the movie to the screening room. And being able to add people as friends so you can watch videos together. I’m sure we’ll see more easter eggs and the like, as well. But it’s all in progress. Give it time. It’s ambitious, but we’ll get there. And it’s cool to see what we’ve got already. Beautiful art, movie sign alarms, the backer wall, private theaters… It’s cool, and it’ll be fun to watch the rest of it take shape.

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I had to refresh a lot to get into the theater maybe I need a new PC lol it is cool software though.

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I agree that the Cambot icon in the upper right is easy to miss. When I enter the Gizmoplex, after I click both movie stand ups, it seems there isn’t anything else left to do. Adding a tooltip to give some context could be good, maybe making Cambot bigger also. The movement is really neat, but since it is so small the movement doesn’t quite get your attention.

When I click Cambot, I like the modal window that opens up. However, if I click into anything in that window, I can’t navigate back to the original modal window other than hitting the back arrow in the browser or closing the window and starting from scratch. Adding some kind of back button in that modal could be helpful.

I might also recommend making the Cambot Gizmoplex nav label a bit bigger. I was confused as to where I was after getting into the modal window, and it took a while before I saw it. I understand that it is probably small for aesthetic reasons, but I think increasing the font size a bit could go a long way.

I am using a Chrome browser in a Chromebook