Need help finding a HI-KEEBA reference in a Netflix episode

I recently taught my four year old nephew to say Hi-Keeba when he does a karate chop. I wanted to show him a certain clip from the show but can’t remember what episode. It’s from the Netflix era. Jonah keeps egging on Crow until he shouts Hi-Keeba and hits him in the theater. Any help would be appreciated.

I don’t have my Season 11 episodes handy right now, but could it have been The Land That Time Forgot?

I was checking the IMDB’s connection page for Women of the Prehistoric Planet (by no means comprehensive, as I see that we’re missing a nod to the Red Zone Cuba episode) -AND- the Satellite News’s Season 11 episode guide page (also assumedly not comprehensive), and the only Season 11 I could find in both sections was The Land That Time Forgot.

I know just what moment you’re talking about; I just can’t quite mentally pinpoint what episode that came from with 100% certainty.

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Probably not the one you’re thinking of, but there was a hi-keeba during the Amazon grand melee in Ator, the Fighting Eagle.


Yeah, one of the fight scenes in that movie, Jonah gets worked up and wants to roughhouse with Crow.

The bit starts at 1:14:58.


Oh, excellent, much appreciated - thanks for the confirmation, @CPFace!


Thank you!

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Had to rewatch the end and the riff-timing is perfect on this one. “Eww, hot dog burp” killed me

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Show’em the original whynot.

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