Neil Breen, cinematic genius

Don’t even go looking for it. Matt and Mark are back as the buddy cops (plus a few other familiar faces), but the movie was an even worse sleazy, lazy cash-in than I feared it would be.
Made by people who think they are in on the joke, but don’t have a sense of humour. So it’s padded out with bad boob-jobs and pseudo-surreal vacuity.

As for the Breenius, I think his films may not even need riffing. They are genuinely, unsettlingly “off”, like they came from a parallel universe 15 degrees to the right of reality.
Neil has a unique talent for oddly earnest movies, and also puts in an absolute ton of work to get his stuff made (he even does the catering himself).
Long may he carry on doing… whatever it is.


Bad bad bad?

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I do like he has his own “catering company” and that sometimes he also just lists “none” in the credits (for stuff like wardrobe or something).

He definitely puts in effort, but there’s an undeniable delightful absurdity to his movies just flat out having characters say stuff like “my fellow incompetent senators must also resign” and then showing that guy hand himself.

It’s the sincerity with which Breen takes his movies that make them so entertaining


Love Breen’s stuff. I think as he goes along his stuff gets less concrete and more esoteric. Which is a shame because the reason why something like Fateful Finding’s is great is because is inherently doesn’t understand how anything works. Magic and mysticism is less funny than things that are supposed to be normal but just are so weird (like the therapist appointment at a giant board room table).


I’m a huge fan of Breen, he seems unique in the “so bad it’s good” space, in that despite becoming a cult figure he has (seemingly) not become self-aware. His movies keep getting more ambitious, but he never gets good at one thing before going on to try something else. Supremely entertaining.

My wife and I regularly quote his movies to each other, with “I’m feeling less stable” and “no more books!” being mainstays lol.


My favorite parts at the most mundane- there is something amazingly funny about him forcing his new girlfriend watch him eat a bite of plain spinach and then her faux surprise when he spills it.

We like “it’s a magical day” and “where are my pills? I don’t need these anymore”

She also got me this for Christmas
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Oh yeah “It’s a magical day” is a regular occurrence as well.

That shirt is pretty amazing.

I try to take every opportunity I can to place heavy emphasis on demonstrative determiners, as my show of respect to NB

‘WHAT is this?’

‘WHERE are we going?’


I think I’ve seen all of Breen’s films.

Nothing like “take a shot once you see an empty can of tuna” or “finish your drink if a laptop isn’t turned on”.