Netflix Stock Tumbling After Revealing A Loss Of 200,000 Subscribers.

Netflix stock tumbling after revealing a loss of 200,000 subscribers. Should we be worried? Are we relieved MST is no longer tied to Netflix?


For now, they’ll be fine. They might wanna start thinking about damage control, though.

And they’ll probably wanna revisit their price hikes. Asking more from subscribers while reducing what’s in the available library isn’t exactly awesome (and why I cut the Netflix cord some time ago).


Turns out people don’t like rising prices.
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Maybe stop prematurely canceling shows?


From what I read, it has a lot to do with ending service in Russia. They’re also about to start cracking down on people sharing logins with others who don’t live with them.


I dumped them a year or so ago and don’t miss them at all. Good to know I have the power to bring down large companies. :smirk:


I figured they were doomed when all the legacy media realized they could have their own streaming services (with blackjack! and hookers!). I figured original content was their chance at survival but I don’t know if that really creates much brand loyalty, especially given how mercenary they seem.


I think it’s that they actually have divers competition now.

HBO and Disney have the strongest libraries.

Paramount has Star Trek.

YouTube Movies has Google’s expert platform coding and server stress handling.

Hulu has the wrestling; Hulu or Amazon also have strong original coding.

Crunchyroll has a Japanese network’s library plus merch exclusives for anime.

IMDB even is turning into a streaming platform and I can search movies on it and be led to Tubi, Crackle, Pluto TV or Apple+ which has more good original shows like Schmigadoon and Fraggle Rock.

We subscribe to Netflix, Disney, and Amazon plus I rotate a 4th one. Right now it’s HBO for We’re Here’s incredible Farmington/Shiprock episode about Two Spirit and Indigenous people and gender nonconforming female masculinity in New Mexico. Then in July I’m going back to Hulu for Fire Island.

We are so spoiled for movies and TV libraries right now.


Netflix chasing off MST3K led to the independent The Gizmoplex.

I’d say things have indeed worked out! :smiley:


The arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward cheesy movies (the worst we can find).


:notes: la la la :notes:


All these options and I watch almost nothing. :smiley:


Of course they blame password sharing now (when it’s been going on since Netflix was a streaming service). The problem is a variety of things–prematurely canceling shows and the exodus of longtime content to other streaming services (such as The Office, Star Trek, and its Marvel shows) while hiking up prices in the process. I have been a Netflix subscriber since they mailed DVDs and charged just $7.99/month. Now it’s about twice that, and there’s not as much content I care about. I could subscribe to two other streaming services for as much as Netflix costs now. I also subscribe to Hulu and share my brother’s accounts for HBOMax and Disney+, in addition to The Gizmoplex. I also watch Tubi and Pluto TV from time to time. There’s stuff on Netflix I watch, but it’s stuff I could easily live without it. I figure if I really want to watch a show, I can just do a free trial and cancel.


I felt like I missed nothing when I dumped Netflix the millisecond after the cancellation of MST3K became official.

Tubi is free of charge and offers up a much better film selection than Netflix does now.


I was long gone from Netflix by then, but it felt like the cancellation of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance after one season was a particularly low blow.


And there is also this to consider.


Thanks to tax issues and other things I’ve essentially taken a formidable pay cut this year. Haven’t had even a token raise in all the time I’ve been at my job. I have to wonder how many other people have a similar story to tell. It’s always entertainment which gets put on the block first. (As I wanted to explain to a certain Mad when he lamented that Cinematic Titantic couldn’t stay solvent enough to keep going.)


A good point…


Yeah, that’s what I’m getting at. They have a reputation for not nurturing fan bases, which I think is going to be critical in the future.


Most of the new shows I watch are on Netflix. But that’s not many shows. I also watch some on HBO Max.

If they got 100% of the people in the world to subscribe, they’d still lose stock for failing to continue growing their subscriber base. The stock market is idiotic.