“New Episodes/Events” Funding progress indicator

File this under “low priority suggestions”….

One thing that was great about being part of the kickstarter campaigns was checking in to see how we as a community were doing with funding the new episodes. I know certain small revenue-raising efforts for Gizmoplex upkeep and future episodes has already begun in the form of Amazon affiliate links, so a great addition to the Gizmoplex, in my opinion, would be some kind of “progress bar” or indicator on how far off (even in a vague sense) we were getting toward being able to fund more episodes. If we had some kind of visual like we did with the Kickstarter as to how far off (or how close) we were to getting new episodes off the ground, it might encourage people to make additional purchases in the Gizmoplex (or donations via a tip jar).

Just a thought. If on the other hand one of the planned live events this year is another Kickstarter/telethon, I’m okay with that too.

I’m also aware it’s early to be talking about another season when we’re only in preview mode of the first episodes, but hey, no point keeping suggestions to myself!