New in Update #26: Details on production and Kickstarter rewards, plus more MST3K Live tour dates are on the way!

In today’s update, we talk about our plan for weekly checkins going forward, and give some new details about production, Kickstarter rewards, the state of these here forums, and the live tour!

Please feel empowered to share your feedback and questions below! Thanks, friends!


Kindly add me to the “Yes, please!” column for the 3D glasses upgrade.


On the previews for the reward designs:

  1. Absolutely we need a premium 3D Glasses set. As much as I love the cardboard versions for nostalgia, a premium “Upgrade” for those who added on multiples and an option to buy a premium version on their own would be incredibly helpful.
  2. For the popcorn/drink kit: I think that the smaller sizes wouldn’t be terrible, although I don’t know how many of us truly plan on using these more than maybe once. I think the Ugly Dolls one that was shared in the update is probably the perfect blend of size and detail (And maybe if possible instead of flat or rippled, you could make the edges SOL shaped? Just a thought)

Plastic 3D glasses are probably a good idea, since most of us will want to be re-watching the movie for years to come.

Psyched for a snowglobe update!


With regard to the 3-D glasses, please, please, make them something that will work while wearing corrective glasses. So many of the cardboard ones won’t stay on over or under regular glasses (one of the many reasons I don’t watch 3-D movies that often.)

Excited to see how far along the pre-production stuff is. Can’t wait to see what the additional tour cities are. (come on Denver!!)


Yes to all of this right here. It would be a huge bummer not to be able to use the 3D glasses if we wear, well, glasses!


Always awesome to read another update! Thanks!


Awesome update!

I echo my fellow boardbeings above; I would love a plastic option, but as a glasses wearer, I would also ask that you keep us in mind.

On the concession pack, I vote for lid and straw to help avoid spilling catastrophes, and I like the bucket style for the popcorn. I have large hands, so I like big buckets. :laughing:

Can’t wait to see those snow globe and poster updates.

As always, thanks for all you do!


I’m all about the premium glasses options as well!


I said that giving Crow 'Dox’ing powers was a bad idea when you first announced CrowDox. Glad to hear that this has been reeled in. :grin:


You know what, I have been meaning to ask about this too, as person who only wears GIGANTIC plastic frames all the time.


I LOLed.


I’m so excited for the live tour. Do you know yet if M. Waverly and Growler will be coming along for this one?


Do we want the popcorn bucket to be as big as possible, or should it be sized for a single person?

as a popcorn lover, my answer is, of course, “yes”.


I think the Ugly Dolls one that was shared in the update is probably the perfect blend of size and detail (And maybe if possible instead of flat or rippled, you could make the edges SOL shaped? Just a thought)

So, funny you should say that: the Ugly Dolls one – maybe because the edges aren’t scalloped – mostly ends up looking like a small Ugly Dolls branded trash can, rather than feeling like a popcorn container.


Thanks for the update! I think a slightly bigger popcorn bucket that could be passed back and forth would be ideal, but whatever!


So, just to confirm: we’re working with a company that does nothing but make 3D glasses, and they’re aware that like half the world wears corrective lenses – myself included! – so they’ve accounted for it.

I just tried on both the cardboard model we’re thinking about basing ours around and the plastic model that we’re considering offering, and both fit in place comfortably over my standard glasses:

Trust me when I say I’m as worried about this as anyone – but I can confirm that I’m able to wear both the cardboard and plastic models over my existing glasses, and to forget they’re there after a few seconds.

Aside from the world being tinted in cyan and magenta.


Alas, Waverly and Growler don’t have multiversal clones yet, so they’ll be trapped in production with the rest of us shooting Season 13. :frowning:


Wow, I didn’t know that multiversal clones were a thing… what’s a multiversal clone again?


Loki is now on Disney+.