Hey there, fellow MSTies! I just came here to the Off Topic to loudly toot the horn of a brand new feature film I helped out on! Finally. Finally. FINALLY. After FOUR years of blood, sweat, tears, migraines, waiting, pandemics, and more waiting, our film is now FINALLY available to view. In the busy days leading up to the year 2000, best friends Kelly and Miguel find that they must take that big step into adulthood much quicker than they would like. I had the honor to be one of the Executive Producers on this Rite of Passage dramedy, and I am super proud of it! Directed by my friend Alejandro Montoya Marin, the film is now available to view on Amazon and iTunes. You can riff it if you must, but I think it’s pretty good. Please check it out, give it a review, and tell your friends! Watch Millennium Bugs | Prime Video


Congratulations, I’ll check it out !

Oooooh, nice! Here’s to hoping it doesn’t end up you know where!

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Looks fun! Gonna check it this weekend!

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