New MST3K theme just dropped

Hopefully putting this in the right place. It’s not official, so it doesn’t go in MST3K Central. It’s not something I made, so I don’t think it goes in Artsy Crafty. (Although I am working on a project at the moment. But that’s another matter.) I know we have a thread about music already. But I think this deserves its own place.

So here’s how it works:

Jonathan Ong is a classically-trained Australian pianist who has collected far too many synths and other instruments (each of which he swears does something different from the others). For most of his life, he only listened to classical music. Several years ago, he started streaming live music on Twitch, and ultimately he found himself doing live learn requests.

  1. He gets a link to a song (most of which he’s literally never heard before), and spends a few minutes listening to it and (ahem) taking notes.
  2. Once he has the basic melody, he plays that on piano, recording it into a looper.
  3. He then goes around adding more layers using his various instruments, as well as singing the lyrics (if they’re available.) It’s all improvised, based on something he’s only just heard for the first time, so the result is a new and different take on the underlying melody. This usually takes about half an hour. (As he plays, chat can add things to the screen using a menu of alerts for under $1.)
  4. After stream (which usually goes for about 8 hours), one of the mods rounds up a couple of the most popular requests and sets about editing them down into ~10 minute highlight videos.

So… someone (not me, unfortunately) gave him the Joel-era MST3K opening theme. And this is what happened…


Excellent! Added to the list.


This fellow is majorly talented and there’s no denying the skill displayed here. There’s a lot of tweaks and variances, so it’s an entertaining take. I like it. Nine minutes though … that was starting to get a little taxing. Too much of a good thing?

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I especially dig the Phantom of the Opera-esque version that starts around 6:30.

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He likes exploring different styles. As I said, this is edited down from the full live version, which was much longer, but included him moving between instruments and so on. 9 minutes is fairly long, though, yes.

I do really like him. It’s worth checking out his Twitch and YouTube channels to see what else he’s done and maybe watch him live.

I love how the mod added J&tB and even synced them in parts so Joel motions to the bots at the right point in the lyrics and Tom dances when the music really gets going.

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I loved the LA LA LA’s! And that keytar segment was :fire::fire::fire:


I now have some serious gear envy.


I loved the “we’ll MONITOR — his mind!” at 7:20ish :laughing:

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Wow. That was… spectacular! Bravo!!