NEW terrible movies

New terrible movies?

Pretty much everything Disney/Marvel/Star Wars has done for the last five years comes to mind.

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Do you have any examples? I’m curious to hear what they’re doing wrong that Sony (Morbius, Madame Web) or Warner Bros. (Space Jam 2, The Flash, Black Adam) aren’t.

The Marvels, Indiana Jones 4, all the Disney+ junk except for a very few exceptions (What If wasn’t bad), Haunted Mansion. Its sad, but even Pixar has been pretty lackluster. The last decent Pixar movie was Soul. These aren’t movies that are “so bad they’re good” either. They’re just lousy movies.

The biggest stinker I’ve seen recently (other than the reproachable Kong vs Godzilla I mentioned previously) is a “horror” “SyFy”[sic] movie called Patient Zero (2018). It’s a patchwork abomination of character types, plots, scenes, soundtracks and whatever else from other films, all neglectfully mixed together as if they would add up to make this film a 12-star success (out of 10 or 5 rating stars, it doesn’t matter).