News of the Weird

I thought it might be fun to collect funny weird news items we come across. Like this.

And this.


As someone originally from Ohio I take great offense to how stunningly accurate their depictions are.

(Though I will say I’ve never been in a situation that was so gun heavy. But the moment I hear “LARPing as Americans” all I can think is “bang bang bang shoot 'em up!” so I’ll allow it.)


They literally built a trailer park! I’m very impressed.

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News of the weird? How about a whole series hosted by… this guy.


Polish LARP of Americanisms? or Goth Ohio Survivalist Independence Day BBQ?

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No they go out of their way for realism. They make it as much like Ohio as they can.

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One of the best news of the weird was when a hospital in Australia ran out of medicinal alcohol (yes, it is a thing) for a patient. Well, since it is a rare order item, they had to go to the local liquor store and buy Vodka that was pretty much spot on. Needless to say they had to have a lot of documentation once the auditors caught it to make sure that it was deemed a necessary medical expense.


A little bit in love with the Polish folks LARPing as American trailer trash. However this makes me have to contemplate the fact that I never thought about if other countries had trailer parks or whether that was a uniquely American thing…