No more than 3 consecutive replies are allowed.

I tried to post a trailer to the one trailer thread, only to hit that wall, even though it had been some time since my last post in that thread.

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It happened to me in The Lounge during Halloween weekend; I get that not a lot of people were online during a busy weekend, but I was posting random clips for people to check out at their leisure. Then I got completely stalled out because no one replied for a day.

I wonder if there’s a way to do time, as in, no more than three consecutive posts in a hour or something. Spammers are not known for their patience, LOL!

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But I kind of like seeing my icon next to a whole bunch of random forum posts that stalled out

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…I can think of several ways to do time.

Yeah there should definitely be some sort of time limit, after consecutive posts.


I’ve witnessed exceptions. The creator of “Show us your most recent mundane, stupid, non-MST3K accomplishment” posted six times in a row between November 20th and November 25th. He’s a Regular and the founder of the topic. Out of curiosity, I posted a fourth consecutive post on one of my threads that I really wanted to add to for 3 weeks but didn’t due to the restriction. Given my promotion to Regular and making the thread, I wondered if this was an exception and after trying it apparently it is. I’m not going to abuse it but it’s interesting to know.

It is. As a Regular, I posted my 4th consecutive post in a row on a thread I made. Trust level is definitely a factor in being able to go beyond 3 back-to-back. I’ve seen 6 consecutive posts by another Regular and it prompted me to try and it worked.

I’m resisting the urge to abuse my own Regular status on this thread to test it out. :confounded:

I’m at Trust Level 3 or “Regular” as is the “recent mundane” guy. I doubled checked you and you are at Trust Level 2 or “Member” status. I’m thinking you have to be at Trust Level 3 and the parent of the thread to go beyond that threshold. It’s a guess but it seems the answer.

I wish such stats could be set to nunya.

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Yeah. Me too. I wasn’t trying to pry. I knew that stat was available and would be able to answer your question.

Do the mods respond to stuff like this? Or has there been an explanation by a mod given as to why there is a 3 post limit?
I’ve run into this issue a few times already and once again I’m limited in the Football thread until someone else posts in that thread :confounded:

It’s likely a constraint of the software and not something the mods can easily fix. Maybe we need a thread for folks to post asking for a fresh comment in some of these threads to help things along. There’s someone in the Arts and Crafts section that has the same problem.

By default, Discourse has its max consecutive replies setting as 3. The exception to the rule is that a user is exempt from this limit in topics they created.

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You’re open in the Football thread by the way. Go long.

Thank you kindly :raised_hands:


@JakeGittes chipped Discourse at the line.

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Your welcome.

It’s damned annoying, as is the edit limit (I can’t update the Turkey Marathon list/thread… all I could do was add a post at the bottom)

Someone said that this restriction is removed for regulars, but that wasn’t the case for me. It’s always been 3 even when I was promoted to regular.

Created a thread for those in need of help with the replies limit.


Interesting about the Regular status being given god-like powers of multi-posting! Or, as it appears, maybe it’s just the OP of a thread…dunno.

Actually I had no idea I was posting that many times in a row…kind of a lapse of good judgment! I try not to do that, but, you know how it goes, what with forgetting and all that.

I do wonder if spammers are really going to be such an issue when the forum is out of beta? I mean, sure, they’ll do anything. There’s no depravity from which they will abstain. But with the limitations on editing a post after a certain amount of time (say, to sneak in some link to whatever site/youtube channel they’re flogging), I’d bet that Discourse has some other deterrants built into its system.

Not sure.

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