Non-US MSTK3 fans

Hi all,

Two-time backer, longtime (probably not as long as some others here though…) follower of MST3K from The Netherlands here.
Just wondering if there other / more non-US MSTK3 backers/fans on the forums.

The show is almost non-existent in my country unfortunately and trust me, I’ve tried pushing it on a lot of people and Facebook groups :smiley:
I was made aware of MST3K’s existence through a YouTuber called “The Cinema Snob” and after watching one episode (Space Mutiny), I was instantly sold on the brilliance of it.
I was able to buy the MST3K movie on Bluray from the UK (before Brexit) and was absolutely thrilled that I was able to get (region-free) Bluray boxes from the new seasons. Call me old-fashioned, but I like having physical media of shows or movies I really like. Hell, I collect vinyl…

Anyway, long story short, big shoutout to “overseas” fans and er, I’d be interested to know how you got into MST3K.

Met vriendelijke groet (Dutch for ‘sincerely’)




Oh, come on, I had to!

Seriously, though, it’s fantastic to see that there are MST3K fans like yourself, as Joel would say, ALL OVER THE WOOOOOOOORLD!


I definitely need an adapter though. I’m not sure if an interocitor uses 110v or 220v.


It’s such an American show in terms of references that I’m not really shocked that it doesn’t have a big following in other countries. That said, there’s apparently a German dub of The Movie which must be bizarre. They basically had to do twice the dubbing as usual.


Yeah, I came across that DVD with the German dub a few years ago. Must be weird…

As for it being an American show, that’s very true when the show was on television back in the 90s, but post-Internet, differences in pop-culture have almost disappeared. Look at American comedies that reference a lot of pop-culture, like Community, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, even Schitt’s Creek etc. These are just as popular in Europe as they are in the US.
That’s why I’ve been trying to request Netflix Benelux to add MST3K to their roster as well, as they did in the UK.
I think the revival would definitely get a lot of new fans in Europe, if it was marketed correctly, but I can imagine that that’s a very big risk, not even counting the financial difficulties.


I think for a while the only copy of the movie in print was the German version.


Someone did a lengthy write-up regarding some fans in Russia.


I’m in the UK, but I’m from the US originally so I’m not sure if I really count. I’ve also tried introducing the show to people, but none of them have really taken to it. My wife will watch the occasional MST3K or Rifftrax, but generally isnt that into it.


I’m from the UK, and stumbled upon the show at the house of a friend who had satellite TV, back when it was on Comedy Central.
Then I forgot all about it 'til about 6 or 7 years ago, when the name of the show resurfaced from my overdrawn memory banks.
I went online, wondering whether anyone else remembered it and hoping that a few clips might exist somewhere… only to find a huge and lasting fandom, plus the various spinoff projects.
Since then, I’ve watched every single experiment at least once, with the exception of KTMA03. One day that one’ll turn up in full…


It looks like the two full-length episodes I posted on Club MST3K are no longer available, but here’s the title sequence for Project Popcorn.


Ah, found a new link for one of the Project Popcorn episodes!


They’re posted, as you have discovered, on the Project Popcorn channel the guys put up after learning that the full versions were no longer available anywhere – not even on their original posting location, Google Video.

For deeper context, check a look upon this reademup:


Hi from another Non-US MSTie :smiley:
I am from Germany, living in Sweden, and had never heard of the show until a few years ago. Then my (American) boyfriend introduced me to it. In fact, one of our first dates involved watching Space Mutiny and I thought it was a super cozy day!
Five years later, we are engaged, have seen PLENTY of other episodes, and on the last Kickstarter I spent more money than my fiancee :smiley:


On the PlutoTV app in the U.S. they have two channels dedicated to Rifftrax & MST3K that play 24/7.

I’m sure each country receives a different channel guide, but you never know. Just curious if that is available in your area.


In Canada, so glad that Roku TV has the MST3K channel on it.


I’m from Scotland - discovered through IMDb about 10 years ago when trying to work my way through their best TV shows ever list. I couldn’t believe I’d found something that fit my sense of humour so perfectly and have been a massive fan ever since! Nothing guarantees a laugh from me like MST.

To the point about references being US specific, in the original run at times - yes, but it actually made me research a lot of things so I could get them, and I actually ended up learning a lot from that excersise. The netflix run seems fairly universally get-able.


The UK Pluto TV service also has those channels. Plus there’s the MST3K and RiffTrax accounts on Twitch, with their own 24/7 selections.


The original seasons were so full of Minnesota in-jokes that I’ve (as a Minnesotan) always wondered what the reaction to those gags is outside of MN—never even imagined an international audience watching “our jokes”. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, I got a lot of those jokes as my mother was born and grew up in Duluth. Sven and Ole anyone?


It’s just one of those things…

When watching of course there were going to be riffs that flew over my head as my knowledge of Minnesota is pretty much limited to the North Stars & Wild NHL teams, but there were other ones that while I may not have known about, In my head I would instantly substituted my own “local” bit into it and hilarity ensues. We all have those smaller collages and regional shops that you can easily swap over to.

Beyond that when you gets bits like in Catalina Caper “go to the Dells, ride the ducks!” No idea about the Dells, or what it means to ride the ducks there, but I went to down to Seattle enough as a kid to see one of these…

duck boat
Same thing in Philly as Seattle, is that what’s at the Dells? Damned if I know but it filled that void in my head while watching, and that was good enough for me.

(yhea i’m sure I could just look up ducks at the dell, but why shatter any long standing illusions) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: