Not Yet Beyond Thunderdome: 2 Characters Enter, 1 Character Leaves

Continuing the discussion from Cheesy Movie Thunderdome: Which Movie Leaves? (Vote, and Sponsor Your Own Combatants!):

Spinning off from the Cheesy Movie Thunderdome, what two characters do you think should face off in mortal combat? Characters from any riffed movies are eligible (MST3K, RiffTrax, The Mads, it’s all good).

In Battle #1, it’s a full-on, no-holds-barred breath-off. In the brown corner, it’s Wind Demon from The Sword and the Dragon. In the blue corner, it’s Pendragon’s unnamed wind demon from Jack the Giant Killer.

Whose halitosis reigns supreme?

  • The Official Wind Demon (The Sword and the Dragon)

  • The Unnamed Wind Demon (Jack the Giant Killer)

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When you considered that an old guy on a horse managed to take out the wind demon single-handedly where the wind demon from Jack and the Giant Beanstalk managed to defeat the entire crew of the ship, I’m pretty sure that one would win.


Official Wind Demon from The Sword and the Dragon, you’re the best, but you’re not winning this one for reasons @TeriG stated.

You’ll always be Not Yet Beyond Thunderdome Champion of our hearts.

  • Trumpy
  • Evil Trumpy

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Which is which? :slight_smile:


Seriously? They didn’t even give him a new name? Whatever … THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!*

*Because the winner takes on Joseph Javorsky in the next round.

  • Lobo (Bride of the Monster)

  • Lobo II (The Unearthly)

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That one is that one and that one is that one.

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Pizza vs Lemonade. WHO WINS?

I’m having both tomorrow. I’ll let you know. :smiley:

In the first I’m voting for Nightingale

I won’t slight the Russian wind demon for having his butt kicked by one guy, not when that one guy is Ilya ‘freaking’ Muromets - he was undefeated before then and we saw what he did in his little demonstration. Though yes, he was softened up in the movie – in the poem Nightingale the Robber was a much more fearsome, destructive, and death-dealing figure…

Lobo vs Lobo is a draw. I’ll give Lobo the slight edge over Lobo only because Lobo had the sharper mind and catchphrase (“Time for go to bed!” is seriously better than “Up, up and Away” or “Avengers Assemble”. If I had a catchphrase I’d want it to involve naps or eating too… so… I vote for Lobo!)