October Synthia's Selects

They got Ring of Terror? That’s one rarely shown. It’s the only time they showed the “short” after the movie.
The other choices, we approve


That was already a vault pick a few months ago.


Ring of Terror, that’s a wonderful surprise, and I love the art for that one (with the Cat - though all the art on these was top-notch)

And yes, as mentioned, Werewolf was done previously, so I wasn’t expecting it.

Frankly, I’ve had my fill of Brain, especially with the Mads, then Bridget & Mary Jo covering it as well this year, so I wish Synthia had selected another.

If the art order stays true, with the Vault Picks in the middle and new ep and tribute bookending those, it appears Devil Doll with be the episode held in tribute. Looks like I’ll be ordering the Billy Club from Jimmy Johns that night.

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You’re correct, @JakeGittes. Devil Doll is the tribute episode this time.

Ham. I love it.


I sure hope the short is seasonal.

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Oh, forgot Werewolf was already used. Sorry.
Screaming Skull or Tormented would have been nice additions too…or Squirm because it includes the bots’ idea of horror in a Gumby short

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Not available in the Gizmoplex, so it won’t be a Select.

Please tell me they got Penn Jillette to rerecord the Comedy Central signoff for the end of this month’s Vault Picks.

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again, darn. I just know I have it in my DVD library

I just realized, The Undead doesn’t actually contain any undead in it. What gives?

Synthia is such a joy, it makes watch Season 11 episodes a little strange to know how under-utilized she was back then. Little did we know…