Off the back of the Official Unofficial Event....

Hello again folks.

So yes, we had a blast ( hardcheese ) at the unofficial event that was officially sanctioned as an unofficial event 22, and woot and such. So, here comes the multiverse science bit.

Is it possible to schedule a ‘available episode’ as a livestream view? So the same way we took the vault picks as the basis for the unofficial event. Just have ep 1 to run on a Monday night, ep 2 as a Tuesday or similar setup.

Data points for live event usage on top of watch whatever, whenever approach when it all goes public.

I’m sure there is a lot more to make this happen than simply requesting it, and am under no illusions you have plenty to be doing at present. Just an idea. :slightly_smiling_face: Happy weekend :trophy:


I don’t want to put any extra stress or work on the-powers-that-be with any additional configuring and planning and coordinating and what-have-you.

That being said, if they’re down for making that happen, I’m down for being there.

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I’ve thought about this too. Like, when they announced that all classic episodes would be available to stream on demand, the question became, what is the point of the vault picks?

Well, the original idea was that they would be a way to curate the show, to present it in a way that’s not just the random-order network model. There’s also the overarching goal of turning MST3K back into a community-centered event.

In a perfect world? I’d like to see the Vault Picks presented as livestreams in the Kingadome. It would make them feel more special, it would give people an opportunity to “be there” during an event screening, and it would give people more opportunities to visit the Kingadome. They wouldn’t have to have the fanfare of the Season 13 premieres or other major live events – I’m not expecting special guests or new host segments or anything. It would sort of fit the model of that indie movie theater that they’ve been aiming for since the beginning – join us for Kaiju Month, we’ll be screening classic kaiju episodes every week in the Kingadome, including the world premiere of Gamera vs. Jiger.

Realistically? I don’t know what kind of overhead goes into doing a livestream. At the very least you’d need ushers in the chat rooms, someone to run the stream, I don’t know if it’s plausible, and I know the budget’s tight.

But! One thing I’ve been thinking about is just building community response around the vault picks. The official unofficial event happened because everyone decided to pick an episode and watch it together, and the team were kind enough to put together a livestream for us. We could use the forums and have live watch threads for every vault pick. Heck, we could have separate live watches for North America and Europe to reduce the time zone problem.

Or! If it’s too much trouble to arrange simultaneous live watches, at least we could have some discussion in the forums. We’ve got tags for things like Feature Requests or the individual episode premieres – could we add tags for each Vault Pick? Maybe a central thread for each movie so that people can come in and sound off about them at their leisure?