OFFICIAL PUBLIC SEASON PREMIERE announced for MAY 6. PLUS: good news about classic episodes in the Gizmoplex!

BIG DOINGS in the MST3K universe today! Read all the details here and let us know what you think below.

Also, for today’s random question: what’s your favorite season, and why? (Extra credit: Are you for or against daylight savings time?)


Favorite season (nostalgia): 4, because I was all-in and those were the tapes that lived the longest
Favorite season (content): 8, because just look at it
DST: Meh.


All of the episodes being available is huge. HUGE I tell you. My favorite season is always the next one so currently that is season 13. I have no real opinion on DST seeing as how I am a forklift and all.


Oh dang, that’s GREAT!
monty python and there was much rejoicing GIF
Favorite season: 3, because I love that feeling when you stomp the accelerator on something with a ridiculous amount of horsepower.
DST: keep it, let’s not go back. I feel the same about standard time after a week.


Favorite season: if the Netflix seasons count (as I have Netflix), I’d say 12 is my favorite, because of one episode about… clears throat … piranhas.
DST: Eh. But here’s a little…

FUN FACT: did you know, that daylight savings time doesn’t exist in Japan? That’s what my mom told me.


My favorite season would be Season Eight. Lots of fun changes and just a very strong season all-around! Followed by Season Five. Broadest range of movies featured with the historic milestone at the halfway point.

Thank you for another update!


Gizmoplex users will be able to stream EVERY AVAILABLE CLASSIC EPISODE – that’s over** 125 episodes **from Seasons 1-10 – for free, and without ads!

(Seriously though, I’m very excited :blush:)

I was also glad to see this:

And remember: if your Kickstarter rewards include a Gizmoplex Member Pass for three, six, or nine months, you’ll be able to upgrade to a full Season Pass at a special backer price! More details about that coming in May, so stay tuned.

Cause sadly I couldn’t afford a whole year last year and I needs to upgrade :+1:


Awesome stuff! To have all 125 eps available like that will be something special, and I’m thinking that it’ll do a lot to get feet through the Gizmoplex doors.

Probably Season 5. Just an absolutely killer selection of episodes and some of my all-time favorites, like Mitchell, The Magic Voyage of Sinbad, Village of the Giants, Outlaw, Eegah, I Accuse My Parents, and Santa Claus.

And it’s got my first-ever episode, Alien from L.A., so there’s that, too!

An overall super-strong lineup, AND you get the best of both worlds with Joel and Mike. Dr. Forrester and Frank help to push this up to the top.

Runners-up would include:

-Season 8, which had a fun and overall amazingly strong assortment of episodes, and I love the Mads combo of Pearl/Bobo/Brain Guy

-Season 11, which brought back MST3K in lively, colorful fashion with the Jonah, Hampton, and Baron riffing triumvirate and some entertaining film selections

I’m generally discombobulated, but it’s discombobulation in the right direction.


Excellent news about all episodes being available to stream for free. The press release is a bit confusing. Is it that all of the episodes will be available for a limited time, or that they will be available ad free for a limited time?

If the episodes will only be ad-free for a limited time, does having a Gplex pass mean we would still have an ad-free experience until our pass expires?

As for DST: I prefer it, but more to the point just pick one and stop mucking with the clocks. It’s been two weeks and I’m only now getting back to a normal-ish sleep pattern. I’d much rather have the extra daylight in the evenings when I can do more outside.


It has? Dang. OptiMSTie’s right about discomboobulartoobularism.


It’s the Prince of Space time distortion host segment, full stop.


I love this! I love it so much. I bought the ultimate episode bundle selfishly, taking a certain doomsday-prepper satisfaction in hoarding an MST3K stash against the End Times.

But now I learn that I’ve also subsidized these episodes for all the Gizmoplex subscribers: Yes! Love it. Come on in, the more MSTies the merrier. That’s right, INNNN the Gizmoplex. No need to get any silly ideas about leaving. Just relax and let the mind probes… :skull:

ahem! Season 5 for me, as has been said: The best of Joel and Mike and my nostalgic favorite Mads. As for Daylight Savings, I hate it because I need all the clocks in my house to be synched and that’s a half-day project twice a year when I’m not infrequently hung over. Why am I like this?


I’m torn between 4 and 6 for best season. Season 4 was MST3K at its glorious peak, never equaled until possibly this coming season if 1301 is anything to go by. Season 6 has a wonderful variety of movies, though, and is also a favorite.


The Civil Defense supply boxes from Dawn of the Dead, but they’re filled with MST3K episodes.



Hell yes!


Dude. You get me. Are we gonna run out of Hamdingers when the sh*t hits the fan? We are not.



And to think that there are people who are going to stockpile barrels of water instead of Killer Shrew Beverage. Pfffft. Doomsday amateurs, the lot of them.


Not sure. I usually go by episodes.


Favourite season : Spring. Why? To appease the overlord , Coily.


Indeed. He has malevolent reality-warping powers AND he’s a backseat driver!


Can I have 3 favorite seasons? Because I have 3 favorite seasons.

3, 6 and 8.

I hate, Hate, HATE, HATE DST. I’m a morning person, and I resent giving my mornings to lazy people.

For those saying, ‘Make it DST all year round!’ - we did that in the '70s and little kids were getting run over while waiting for the school bus. Let’s not do that again.