Offline Streaming Troubleshooting

So! This is a very random issue and I’ll provide context:
I recently moved. That’s the context. Hah! But I still do not have internet, and my flatscreen tvs apparently date before the advent of bluetooth. W/e.

The issue I am having is with comfortably watching the new episodes. I can download them for offline viewing on my android phone, I can stream them on my laptop with an active wifi connection (such as right now - at this Barnes and Noble that somehow doesnt have a StarBucks).

But there is no way for me to watch this programming without either resorting to my phone screen or a pair of headphones in a public place. Mostly because I don’t have the internet hooked up and probably wont for at least two months – Im ghetto like that.

Is there any way I can somehow, I dunno, download a copy of the new episodes so that I can transfer them via thumbdrive to the cheapo DVD player hooked into my cheapo tv?

I realize that this risks unauthorized distribution, but… I’m not going to do that?



I would presume something like a chrome cast to cast from phone to TV or something similar would be the way to go. assuming dvds get officially made, I would also assume that only happens once the full season has completed. That said, depending on your data plan on your phone, could use that as a hotspot to the laptop to stream in the short term too.


The issue is that if I need to buy additional devices than I might as well just wait until I have wifi hooked up. I don’t need a physical dvd, since apparently even 25$ dvd players have thumb drive access points. It’s a none-issue that I figured I would bring up since it seems slightly obnoxious that there are four different apps to download this for offline viewing and none of them seem related to Windows


So if you backed at a high enough tier, you will eventually be able to download a personal copy of all the Season 13 episodes. Not sure when that starts.

You have an android phone, so if you buy a GoogleTV (Chromecast) dongle, your TV should be modern enough to have an HDMI port to plug it in, and you can then ‘cast’ the episodes from your phone to the TV. That’s probably your best/only option for the moment.


Alright. Ill just wait for season 13 digital download. Thanks.


Friendly with any neighbors? They might share WiFi with you for a while if you ask nicely and maybe chip in.

Or… if your technologies align… you can get a USB-C to HDMI adapter. Plug the adapter into your phone, run HDMI to your TV, and you’re set. Here’s one for under $11. Some reviewers even say it works. :smiley: