Oh you Horrible Experiment, I love you so! Which experiment do you like, that others cannot stand?

Oh sure, you got your “Final Sacrifices,” your Mitchells,” even your “Mr B Naturals.” EVERY Thomas Dickens Jane luvs those! But…is there some film that is just reviled, passed over during Turkey Day, that is treated as a sign of the apocalypse…and yet, you cannot turn away from it’s ‘deadlights?’

That is what inquiring minds (well, mine at least) would like to know! What are some of the worst of the worst of the worst MST3K has done that you can handle, no-problem?

Give a title and why you’ve got the hots for it. If this thread takes off, maybe I’ll reveal my own secret shame(s).


That’s an easy one for me, The Girl in Lover’s Lane is a top 10 episode for me. People don’t like it because of the ending but, like… how are y’all so invested in this silly, stilted little movie? This episode is PACKED with classic lines: Big Stupid, “Camera three get off the tracks!”, “Did he swing it, or just place it there gently?” and on top of that, Crow’s Jack Elam impression. Five stars all day long.


The riffs save this one.
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The Girl in Lovers Lane is also one of my favorites. The riffing is firing on all cylinders, at its peak for both '90s series, and the movie is very watchable. Yes, the third act is depressing but that’s probably the cost of having a pretty good movie relative to the others on the show.


Depends on what angle your coming at it movie wise - I don’t think Girl in Lovers Lane or High School Big Shot are all that bad as films - heck, compared to the Coleman Francis trio or Monster-A-Go-Go they’re practically brilliant. They are just dark and depressing. Which I’m not saying isn’t a reason to struggle with them, but I find the riffing so good that they are not difficult watches for me.

And Big Shot, the misery pileup becomes comical to me, in a, “what else can go to hell in a handbag for this guy” and the riffing often plays around with that (saying Marvin’s favorite book is Camus “The Plague” for example). The whole thing is black comedy at its finest.

But for worst of the worst, Yucca Flat is a tragically bad flick, but is accompanied by hilarious quips.

Starfighters is a whole lot of nuthin… also, a breeze because of the funny.

Fire Maidens, dry as unbuttered toast, but aces in the riff department.

I think that’s key, you make me laugh hard enough, and I can take about anything. If the riffing’s not among their best, I’m not distracted by gales of laughter, as was the case with Fu Manchu, it becomes a chore to sit through it.

As for a bad movie I became fascinated with, I’ve spoken about that several times, but Carnival Magic - I bought the restored BD and have read up on just about everything I can find about the thing. I think it would have made for a great Ballyhoo bonus doc, but between the articles, the DVD extras and commentary track, that itch has been scratched.


Any of the KTMA episodes, the punk rocker in me loves to love these.

The sociologist in me loves to listen to the early fan base connect with the show and Joel’s ideas in general.


Same! It’s in my top 5. I liked it so much that I bought an unriffed version to see what it was like uncut.

One movie I like that others might roll their eyes at is Manhunt in Space. I like the retro mood it brings and all the associated goofiness. The riffs are pretty good and the host segments are fun (the tribute to Witness with the yelling between Winky and the Bots gets me every time)

The General Hospital shorts are mind numbing fun! Nurse-feratu :rofl:

Anyway it’s mild entertainment at best but I keep watching it, sooo yeah.

I also enjoy Radar Secret Service which I’ve watched more times than Citizen Kane without falling asleep (ok, maybe a few head bobs…) and I don’t see that on anyone’s fav list ever


I love Manhunt in Space and also Crash of the Moons. The Rocky Jones show was just a little before my time, but it’s typical of the kind of stuff I saw as a kid and it’s a lot of fun. The riffing is also very good in those, and I love the General Hospital scenes.


I’m putting in another vote for The Starfighters. Yes, the movie is an emphatic bunch of nothing, but the riffs are excellent, spirited and a great example for just how efficient the writing process had become by Season 6.

Plus, the episode features some truly excellent Host Segments:

  • Crow trying to get on to the Information Superhighway
  • Cowboy Mike’s Ricochet Barbecue Sauce
  • United Servo Academy Men’s Chorus

The movie is bravery test level, but the episode is a true showcase of MST3K abilities!


I will echo Girl in Lover’s Lane, I know the ending is a tough pill to swallow but don’t even try to suggest that isn’t some of the best and most consistent riffing coming from the Joel era of the show. That really is a top notch episode.

The other one for me is Red Zone Cuba. I love that one. Partly cause it was an early vhs then dvd purchase for me, so I watched it so many times, but I really do love that one. Skydivers is probably the objectively best episode of the Coleman Francis trilogy, but RZC is my favorite. Love the riffing, John carradine singing (!!!), the sheer amount of artistic overreach relative to what that budget and acting talent actually could produce, and it’s so bizarrely inept that the grim misery of it all becomes so easy to reject wholesale that you can’t help but laugh at the sheer absurdity of the movie. Yeah, it probably takes more than one viewing for most to get to that point, but I’m there and it’s a hilarious episode that I absolutely love.


Monster A-Go-Go and Hamlet.

Though I have not checked recently to see if they’ve made any new inroads in the last few decades, at least outside this most select of venues.


Another one for Starfighters here. The absolute nothingness of the movie and the great riffing and host segments make this a nice, chill watching experience. It’s so easy to just put on and let refueling take you away.


Kitten With A Whip is my favorite Mike episode. People loathe it because they hate the characters and the decisions they make. But that’s kind of the point of the movie. It’s a Skin-a-Max prototype, someone’s idea of an art house film, and one of the best lit experiments MST3K ever sat through, especially in the 90s.
Why doesn’t John Forsythe just turn Ann-Margaret in? Simple, he didn’t want to. He’s enjoying this, it’s the most excitement he’s had in years. This film is someone’s idea of kink wrapped up in exploitation, and it’s prime material for MST3K.
This one took a while to warm up to, but once I did, wow. The amount of times “Buddy” is said. “I’m dying in a rush!” The slang, oh the slang. Just amazing.


My problem with this movie is there’s no one to root for. Oh, except possibly the driver who cuts out in the middle because she realizes that she’s wasting her life with those thirtysomething rejects. But then you have to get through the rest of it without her.


I just think she’s neat is all.

In my head canon, she picks a much better friend group once she (and her car) get back to wherever the heck she’s from.


Hashtag NowTHATShouldaBeenYourMovie


I lived much of my life assuming the fandom was on board with me that The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies was the Manos of the Sci-Fi era. I’ve come to find out that much of the fandom sees it as more of the Sidehackers of the Sci-Fi era.


Well, the transphobic riffs in the episode can be hard to deal with.

Apart from that, I find it watchable though not amongst my favorite cheap trainwrecks.


Yeah, product of its time, but yeah. The whole “Shick out of Shape” bit amuses me way more than it should, and I love the riffs during the “Hallucinogenic Hypnovision” sequences.


Attack of the Giant Leeches because everything’s ickier than the leeches. “We’re a danger to ourselves and others!” Also ep.1 of The Undersea Kingdom featuring Billy’s episode.