OK, About the New Theme Song

I’ve come across some people who have opinions about the new lyrics. Some like it, some don’t.
Personally, I wonder why the new lyrics emphasize Kinga and Max instead of Jonah and Emily.
Don’t the Mads know they aren’t the stars of the show?
Maybe it saves money so that they don’t have to make two different openings.

So, I have an idea for a different opening, which emphasizes who does the real work:

In the not too distant future
Next Sunday A-D
There was this guy and gal
named Jonah and Emily

They worked for Gizmonic Institute
Who did their thing in their own jump suits
They did a good job with a chipper face
Til two Mads from the Moon
Stranded both of them in space.

Then the rest of the lyrics of the original theme.

What do YOU think, sirs?


Not these Mads. Kinga has been the Mad who has shown the most enthusiasm for marketing and sales and for the experiment to be a hit on streaming services. She’s also the Mad with the biggest ego…which is saying something.

As for why the theme song is so generic….well you will also have a few Joel episodes this year and you also didn’t want to do a song that included Emily until after Emily was made part of the show. So you’d either need to do a more generic theme that alluded to others without spelling it out or have an interim theme song that only included Jonah. The path that they chose was the easiest for all possibilities


Until 1303 we only had one host. I am probably wrong, but maybe now that we actually have two hosts the song will change to be more host centered like the old ones were.

But that probably won’t happen.

I think the song was written the way it was for two reasons. One is to keep it host neutral since they’re juggling three this season, and also to emphasize what the Gizmoplex is since it’s not just part of the plot but also a website they’re trying to sell.

As for the theme itself, I don’t care for it on particular. It might be the theme I like the least because it seems a bit colder, while aspects of it just don’t gel with me (switching up “Next Sunday AD” and “The worst I can find/Monitor his mind.” while also having Servo singing “If you’re wondering how we eat and breathe” when he’s a robot and doesn’t have to eat or breathe).

But I get it. Just doesn’t quite work for me.


Well, that’s what I thought. I am an old fogey compared to many MSTies, and having a Mads-centered theme was a bit off putting. But it saves time over the need for two different themes. You can still have one that talks about both Jonah and Emily, but let the Mads have their theme.
In the words of Don Ameche, “things change”.


3 different hosts each with their own episodes and one episode with all three(I think). So that would be 4 completely different intros, each with their own story of how we have the host and then the reason for having all 3 at once.


We know the robots love their sammitches and such. So I guess it would have been more correct to have the lyric be:

“If you’re wondering why I eat and breathe…”

Heh. Oh, well. Too late now.


Have to? No.

Want to? Sure.

How does that happen? Refer to the theme song.

Also RAM chips. Omnomnomnom


Do I “like” this version… not so much.
Does it fit? In the context of this season, yes, I think it does. Especially after how the Netflix opening was a bit over the top. It’s simpler, and it’s specifically focused on the narrative for this season.


The Bots’ love of sandwiches is canonical.


Should have just used this.


Kinda meh on the theme song too, but I do appreciate having one of the bots sing it for each episode and judging by the changes in the latest episode, they kinda added my enjoyment to it.

But to me, it’ll always be “I’ll send them cheesy movies, the worst we can find. They’ll have to sit and watch them all, as we stream 'em to mankind.” to me.

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That’s Crow’s new new-age Yanni lick, correct?

Just hold this chord until you get a Wyndham Hill recording contract.


Indeed it is!

Musician AND screenwriter. Crow was a raconteur and a half.

And bless the Music from the Hearts of Space peeps for being good sports and sending Team MST3K some free music.


Season 8 and 10 theme songs focused more on Pearl than Mike, just puttin’ that out there.

I really liked the Season 11 theme, and I think it’s a shame that they lost it. I really liked the concept that they had to suck Jonah back down to the moon for every episode and force him to re-enact his own capture, it was a funny bit that sort of re-enforced the concept, like, this is how a mad scientist would run a show.

I like that they kept that basic idea with the new theme. Having Tom Servo sing it, but the voice depends on who’s playing Tom Servo for that episode. I also like how it seems like elements in the background change to relate to the story – 1303 introduced the Simulator of Love, and you could see the Deep Hurting blasting off in the background. That’s really cool, that sort of adds to the illusion that we’re doing this all live.

I also just like the new song. Yeah, it was cool to have a full house band for two seasons, but it’s still The Love Theme without them. And I like it when they mix up the lyrics, I dunno.


Nothing to do but commission a custom theme song for each episode of Season 14.

I’ve got an extra $25 I’ve set aside expressly for this purpose.


The A-D to afternoon change might be because AD (Anno Domini - The Year of Our Lord) has fallen somewhat of use and is rather Christian-specific.

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Well … and it rhymes with “moon”.


quick take on next season:

In the not too distant future,
sometime not here but soon.
There were a few unwilling hosts,
tricked by mad scientists on the moon.

Plucked from their jobs at Gizmonic Institute,
Just regular folk in their work jumpsuits.

They just tried to do the jobs for which they were hired.
Now they’re stuck in experiments that makes them wish they were fired.

We’ll send them cheesy movies, the worst media ever made.
they’ll have to sit and watch them, as their terror is displayed.

Now keep in mind our heroes have no control on when all of this will end,
But they’ll keep a thin grip on reality with the help of their robot friends.

Cambot! and action.
GPC! I run this ship.
Tom Servo! watch me float.
Crooooooooooow! hikeeba

If you’re wondering how they eat and breath and other science facts?
Just repeat to yourself, this is just a show, I should really just relax.

For Mystery Science Theater 3000!


Here’s my semi-controversial thought…

The MST theme song has a problem that has gotten progressively more serious as time has passed. Self-Awareness. Every iteration of the song seems to lean more into a show-centric self-awareness that (IMO) detracts a little bit. The original version had insider charm, but it wasn’t trying to really pump that charm. Subsequent versions have all had a tendency to give a big bawdy wink at the show which really doesn’t seem necessary. The newest version is guilty of this to some extent and while its functional enough I kind of wish it didn’t seem like it was ‘trying’ so hard.