Okay this is sad and scary

Someone asked what movies Roger Corman did. I’m suggesting titles based upon tropes. “Any with a Poe title? He did that, that one too.” Then I’m giving trivia about the guy. Then I give trivia on Ed Woods. Then I’m describing different shows that feature b-movies. This all started over explaining my book by John Stanley. Should I be proud, terrified, or ashamed.



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:thinking: Dunno’, but personally I’m confused. Are you confessing that you’re John Stanley? Also, where is Ed Woods located? Is it near Sherwood Forest?

That would have been fun to be John Stanley hosting a horror movie show. I’m just plain insane enough to watch really bad movies. Funnily enough the current host was miserable watching The Crawling Eye. Really that movie wasn’t that bad, just slow. Now Skydivers on mute, no riffs would be painful. To me Manos is bad because of plot holes, dubbing, and pacing. If you want to make me squirm, show a movie full of overly precocious kids that can’t act.