Ongoing Rights Acquisition?

Not a big deal by any means (I’ve still got my DVDs!), but out of curiosity, I’m wondering if rights acquisition for old episodes that currently aren’t streaming is still an ongoing concern.

Sure, there are the “forever” hold outs like the Godzilla movies, Rocketship XM, and the Susan Hart films, but I was a little surprised by a few missing titles (Stranded in Space? Teenage Crime Wave? 12 to the Moon?)

I suspect this type of thing is a low priority, but was just curious–is there any chance some of the less, ahem, notorious missing episodes might eventually show up on the 'plex?


Stranded in Space, Teenage Crime Wave, and 12 to the Moon are all owned by Sony. The likely reason they aren’t on streaming might be because they want to retain exclusive streaming rights to their films because it’s a lucrative market right now, or something like that. The only major studio who has licensed streaming versions of MST episodes so far is Warner Bros.

Streaming deals seem to be separate contracts than DVD deals with classic episodes, though with the newest seasons streaming and physical are written into the same contract. But that’s why certain episodes would be on DVD and not on the Gizmoplex.


Well, yeah. I mean unriffed Stranded In Space is almost as prestigious these days as The Prisoner. They can’t let just anyone have at it. :wink:


OMG do you think White Dot might actually be Rover?


White Dot did try to prevent 1301 from escaping into the world.


This omission really disappoints me. I’ve grown to appreciate this one more and more over the years, and think it’s an interesting episode in a lot of ways. It’s actually a pretty gripping film, too. I do hope they get it back.


One of the most tense films - if not THE most tense film - in the MST3K canon.

It really gets you invested in what’s going on. A pity that the Sony rights issues for that one are a thing.


I’m reminded of Frank’s discussion of Radar Secret Service in the Amazing Colossal Episode Guide, and how much the rights holders initially wanted.

“Hello, networks. We understand you have a little thing called ‘sweeps’ coming up. Well, allow us to present… Radar Secret Service. The bidding will begin at 5 million dollars.”


The ones I’m confused by are the episodes available for purchase elsewhere (Viking Women vs. the Sea Serpent, It Lives By Night) which weren’t available as part of any Kickstarter package.


My No#6 sense is tingling…


Those two are showing up for me!

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Why is Sony sitting on these? They could be making some money out of this deal. They’ll need every penny to promote their non-Spider-Man cinematic universe.

Susan Hart is the one sitting on movies like Amazing Colossal Man and I was a Teenage Werewolf, right? What is her deal? Does she have an asking price?

Hmmm … interesting. Do they play for you? They say “file not found” when I try to play them.

Here’s the spreadsheet someone put together back during the KS campaign showing what episodes are part of what package, and those two were excluded. I own the Ultimate set and it’s not a part of that for sure.

ETA: They are both playing for me now. Thanks for the heads-up!

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How about “The Claw”?

Toy Story The Claw GIFs | Tenor

Sorry, couldn’t resist!

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Now available!