Original MST3K Creators Appreciation Thread!

This topic is to merge a bunch of separate topics for folks who worked on the original classic MST3K, and to keep things a little tidier and less overwhelming for the community! Thanks all.


Trace Beaulieu. Dr. Forrester, Crow, writer extraordinaire. I can’t think of a time he wasn’t in my life. Share your Trace tales. How has he touched you?


He may be a crazy Mad, but he’s OUR crazy Mad. And one of my favorite Crows.


Biblically speaking, if Joel is Jesus then Trace is Peter, the rock. The man’s just talented as all get out, always on point, steady and reliable. The Mad of Mads.

And pretty cool, Back when he was sending out autographed copies of the comic book he wrote, he didn’t just send me what I paid for, but an extra signed copy of a variant cover. So I have all the covers, each signed, each with a distinct message.


I’ve said something to this effect elsewhere, and I repeat it here: I have to think that Trace Beaulieu is MST3K’s best vocal performer and best all-time Mad.

Just to pick a random example, when he gets his Charles Nelson Reilly on in the Once Upon a Honeymoon short, the results are nothing short of fantastic. Impression-wise, I don’t know that anyone else on the show could match him when it came to impersonations. Same goes for the sheer vocal range that he employed.

What really strikes me about Trace’s time on the show is how far both his Crow and Dr. F have come by the end of the performer’s tenure with the show. If you were to compare where both characters began in Season 1 and ended with Season 7, it’s incredible to consider that the same person is responsible for the work we see at the bookends of that time period. Trace wasn’t merely content with just doing the job; he was all about adding and expanding the parameters of his portrayals. The background voice in the Robot Roll Call describes Crow as a wisecracker, but Trace took great care to develop the character to make him worthy of the mantle of wisecracker.

And that’s all to say nothing of the extraordinarily fun antagonist we got in Dr. Forrester. Those host segments in MST3K: The Movie do a terrific job in showing why this mad scientist is so purely entertaining.

I’ve never been to a Mads show, unfortunately, so I’ve never met him, but from what I’ve read and seen elsewhere, he seems so especially gracious to his fans (just as it is with fellow Mad Frank Conniff), so I have to applaud the hell out of that.


You should check out their online show! They’re doing a new riff Manos one week from today.


I’m curious to watch that. Manos (1966) is my favorite MST3K episode. I’ve yet to catch one of The Mads shows. What are they like? Similar to Trace and Frank’s appearance on the Rifftrax Live Events?

Jim Mallon. Any stories, reflections, feelings? Who was he? How did he effect the show? What’s his legacy?

I see you have chosen violence this day.


Well… He was a lot more Mallony than I remembered.


What do mean? Mallon is one of those topics it’s hard to get a bead on. I simply asked the question.

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Nice Turkey Day reference.

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He’s just this guy, you know?


Well, according to the word on the street, he was primarily responsible for Joel leaving, and possibly for Trace and Frank leaving, so he’s not held in great regard by most MSTies.


That wasn’t the question. What do you think of him?

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So that negates anything positive he brought to the show? I have no dog in this debate. I wanted to learn more about him, his contributions to MST, and whatever struck you.

Uh-oh. Cat fight incoming.


Really? I may not have agreed with Jim but he’s part of the show I know and love. I hold no malice against him.

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I think he probably spent a lot of time working hard on MST3K like anyone else. I don’t know the intimate details, but I do know sometimes creatives bump heads. Doesn’t make anyone a villain. I also love the voice he gave to GPC. Such a cute performance.


If nothing else, he spearheaded the MST3K animated shorts, which is arguably the worst thing MST3K has ever done.