Other forms of Riffing

Apology if there is already a thread like this, I wasn’t able to search it up if so. Anyway, have you discovered any novel forms of riffing out there? There are threads covering some of these, such as riffing games and radio shows, but what about the fringe?

One of my favorite such sites is McMansion Hell, where an architect hilariously annotates the many failings of the execrable McMansion house style in the US.

What other forms of inventive riffing are out there?


When I went to the cinema for the final time, the audience were shouting at each other, using flashlights and strobes, and showing each other videos on their phones.

Not technically riffing, but it was impactful!


Riffing funerals is fun. I mean…okay…that might require elaboration…

It is fun to hang around until they start to disperse, then sneak up behind a mourner and go “They’re coming for you, Barbara!”

* disclaimer: not really. :grin:

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“If you don’t think the dead can come back to life, check out this graveyard at 5 o’clock!”

“Hey, keep it down! You guys are loud enough to wake the dead. Oh. Sorry.”

“I don’t like to cast doubt on the electoral process but I’m not sure all these tombstones with ‘I Voted’ stickers send the right message!”


:joy: :joy: :grimacing:

…and that’s why I’m banned for life from Vatican City!

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James Lileks’ Gallery of Regrettable Food fits the bill I think.

He makes fun of cookbooks from the 50s and 60s.


And don’t forget Interior Desecrations about the horror of 1970s design


I spent the first 6 months or so of lockdown riffing Illustrated Wildlife Treasury cards 5 days a week on FB for literally tens of adoring fans (on a good day) …

… which is a truly pathetic way of saying I got nothin’ legitimate to add.


I think jazz musicians do some riffing, and guitar players are constantly playing riffs, too.


Decades ago (we’re talking back in the dark ages of Geocities) I had a website called P.I.S.S.E.R. (Public Information Safety Superhero Education Rangers) that riffed on weird educational, anti-drug, or product tie-in comic books, like Sprocket Man, Crack Busters, The TRS-80 Whiz Kids, Kool-Aid Man, Mr. T and the T-Force, and a few others. It was a shameless rip-off of SeanBaby, but that’s okay because I had a readership circle that was optimistically somewhere in the tens.

The only remnants I have of that site are a few HTML files (that I used to write and format myself in notepad… while walking uphill in the snow… both ways!) and a couple of JPGs taken from the deeply disturbing Captain Electron comic, that I used to use as my avatar over on the Something Awful forums and a few other places back in the day.

If you thought Coily was an abomination, wait until you meet “Mr. Computer.”



I found this blog myself a little while back and seriously wasted two hours reading some of their posts. I’m the kind of person who likes to watch home renovation/home decor shows because I like interior design and I also like to make fun of people from higher tax brackets who choose to use their money absurdly. (Can you riff reality shows? Or would that just be a roast of the people on the show? Either way, I do it. Hahaha) So this blog was a goldmine for me. Some of these houses are insane?? And I say that having a deep love for tacky or ridiculous things myself; but some of these are too much even for me. Legitimately the ugliest homes I’ve ever seen, with few to no redeeming qualities except the perverse magnetism of their grotesqueness.

Lol reminds me of ``Dylan Hollis. He makes old recipes — and also makes fun of them. But his videos have prompted me to make some dishes that I wouldn’t usually try :thinking: (chocolate potato cake! Yes, it’s good!)

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