Other TV studio hosts segments?

Hey all,

This isn’t quite about riffing–more the extended world of host segments–but seemed maybe better here than off-topic.

If you spent time watching TV in the 60s or 70s or just read about those exciting times of laying on shag carpets and eating pop rocks and coca-cola, you know about those local host segments during the creature feature (Elvira, mistress of the night, most famously) or children’s programming blocks. These were the progenitors of the skits on the Satellite of Love. I remember that a Baltimore station had Captain Chesapeake, New England had Bozo the clown, and DC had Capt. 20 (sort of a Vulcan).

The DC station also had Count Gore De Vol for the B movies, played by the same guy as Capt. 20. I was shocked and delighted to find that the Count is still doing his thing online, complete with studio segments in costume. These things are great for anyone interested in B movies; just BYO riffs!


He also has a bunch of his videos on Vimeo:

Anyone have a their own local host memories? And are any other hosts still going strong?


Here are a few photos of the hosts: Captain Chesapeake (WBFF 45, Baltimore), Captain 20, and Count Gore de Vol (both WDCA 20, Washington, DC)

I’d never heard of him until now, but I’ll be looking up Count Gore!

Not local, but there’s also Svengoolie.

Oh–cool! Looks like he started local in 1979 as the horror host for a station in Chicago as “Son of Svengoolie” (he succeeded the original Svengoolie). He’s looking healthy. . .

You may already have found it, but there’s also a big discussion about these folks over here: