Our next guest needs no introduction...

Also, what if Kinga and Max are just pretending they blew up Moon 13 to cover up a less dignified method of escape?


We still don’t know how Jonah escaped from it, so there is a whole side epic waiting to be told. All kinds of things could have happened with RM.


Here’s my headcanon. While inside RM, Jonah messed up with its circuits and escaped, causing it to explode, allowing him to make it back to the SOL, with the spacesuit and all.


I do think that the spacesuit Jonah was making throughout the season was instrumental to his escape. Possibly he made it back to the SOL after exiting RM’s digestive tract, and that’s when we see him spacewalking at the end of the season.


Very early—day 1, day 2?—in the Kickstarter campaign Jonah left a comment that if we fully funded S13 he’d tell us what happened between S11 and S12.

Still waiting.


Weren’t Jonah and the bots and Dr. Donna St. Phibes aboard the spaceship Deep Hurting ready to leave for Earth and the Great Cheesy Movie Circus Tour when Kinga and Max got trapped in the vault?

If so, their escape needs less explanation than their recapture.

How Ardy and Bonesy escaped from Deep 14 when apparently none of the Boneheads did is also a conundrum.


Cushioned from the blast by all that spilt Kingachrome?

Explosive necklaces. If it’s good enough for Amanda Waller, it’s good enough for Kinga.

Also I think they were leaving for the 30th anniversary tour… which was funny because that tour was mostly over before the gauntlet premiered.


They may do a lot with Donna. She was part of the second live tour holding the Brain as if she invented evil free throws, and was also at the end of the previous Kickstarter where she talked about Godzilla vs. Kong and not in a good way. Besides, there was a BTS photo with her in it.


It could be like the end of that killer giant clam movie where they create a bunch of baby duplicates by blowing it up. Leading to the Reptilicus-Nanite Wars of 3535 or something.

Which reminds me: I dug the Nanites. Their sketches were generally good during an era where (for me, at least) sketches got… inconsistent. I’d love to see them return, too.


@FlyingSquid I didn’t. I found Kinga and Pearl more annoying. Personal preference.

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Dr. Donna St. Phibes is the human guest I most want to reappear. P.T. Mindslap, Ortega, Jan-In-The-Pan, Magic Voice, and of course Torgo. The last is impossible given other hopes and dreams unlikely to happen.


Ahh Magic Voice. I miss Magic Voice. I don’t think we heard her much after season 3, did we?


We heard her more often in the post-Season 3 section of the Comedy Central run than we did in the Sci-Fi Channel run. The instances where Magic Voice cropped up in the Sci-Fi Channel era were much more rare.

Off the top of my head, I can recall Magic Voice surfacing to provide alerts/warnings in I Was a Teenage Werewolf and serving as a narrator for the “Previously on the Satellite of Love” opening host segment in The Deadly Bees (Magic Voice’s last “appearance” on the show, as best as I can remember).

As for the post-Season 3 remainder of the Comedy Central era? To the best of my memory, I recall Magic Voice:

  • getting in on the voice prank in Indestructible Man
  • signaling the obvious incoming spike trap joke in Hercules Against the Moon Men
  • expressing concern over Joel playing too rough with the Bots in The Beatniks
  • being frightened by the emerged Timmy in Fire Maidens from Outer Space
  • introducing GPC in her one-woman show in The Day the Earth Froze
  • delivering flowery praise of Joel after getting modified in Manos: The Hands of Fate
  • startling the gang as they try to wing the opening in Hercules
  • announcing the last transmission of Joel in Mitchell
  • fending off the advances of the sleazy movie narrator in The Atomic Brain
  • announcing the lotto numbers in Red Zone Cuba

There are probably others, but that’s as best as I can figure right now. (Outside of incidental Commercial Sign signalings, like in Teenagers from Outer Space.)

But yeah, Magic Voice became quite scarce from Season 6 onwards.


I loved Donna. I’m pretty sure they confirmed we’ll be seeing her again awhile ago, but don’t quote me.

I asked about Magic Voice’s whereabouts a few years back but I don’t remember the answer or if there is one. I assume the original model/AI is on Earth (where I personally assume the original bots still are, with Mike; I have always subscribed to the theory that the current SoL and bots are dupes Kinga built). It’s possible the current SoL requires no Magic Voice or AI, and perhaps Kinga would prefer it that way in order to Assume Direct Control.[/Mass Effect]

That being said, I voted for Waverly. I love that little goober.


One of M.V.'s later great bits was the “Appreciating Mike” sketch, with him co-starring as evil scout leader/pro chef/pop star.


Oh, that’s right, good call! From Code Name: Diamond Head!


There was also the time Tom asked her if she wanted to make out.

Who was the Season 3-4 Magic Voice, anyway? I know Mary Jo took over at some point in the back half of the Comedy Central years, and Beez did the rare occasions of Magic Voice in the Sci-Fi era…


The MST3K Fandom entry for Magic Voice breaks down the voice talent like this:

Jann Johnson (1989-1990)
Alexandra Carr (1990-1992)
Mary Jo Pehl (1992-1996)
Beth “Beez” McKeever (1997-1998)

So it looks like the Magic Voice you’re talking about is Alexandra Carr, as Mary Jo Pehl takes over about midway into Season 4.


Alongside Growler, I also think Waverly, THE breakout bot during season 11, and our lovable little orange cyclops, needs to appear a bit more often so that I can maybe hear more of how he came to be.

To this day, I refuse to overcome my obsession over the 2 recent bots.