Out of Context Comics

Though he was only a chartered accountant, the unfortunately named Evil Ed had to deal with a lot of police profiling.

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“Joel, what is Hercules doing with the nice lion?”

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“If you’re going to transmogrify yourself into a snake, at least make sure you remember what a snake looks like first.”

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What, are you trying to say snakes don’t have ears?

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Cue up the sleazy bow-chick-a-wow-wow

Later, that same issue:

Damn, Clay. You’re insatiable!

It looks like they were trying to get a car hood ornament going but were stopped halfway through.

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Since when is Clay blonde? And where is his trademark green coat?

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The blond is Bob; Clay is the one who wants to get some. I think the artist a couple of panels.

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Why are you dodging the question about his green coat??? Hmmmm???

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Forget the green coat… this thread is now all about goat’s milk:






The amazing thing is: these are all from different comics.

For anybody wondering, the hard science behind this multi-issue story-arc is that the character
suffers from a rare blood disorder that means his body is a living bomb which will explode the day he turns 30, but until then he’s functionally immortal because the day of his death is “set in stone” (the writer apparently heard the term “half-life” used in conversation and thought that’s what it meant.) Also, he can only drink goat’s milk, and if he doesn’t get it, he will likewise explode… ignoring the whole “immortal until he turns 30” thing.

Somehow, the doctor who birthed him figured all this out, and published a scientific paper on it, which some evil scientists read, which means that enemy agents and local mobsters are out hunting for “the guy who can only drink goat’s milk” as a living weapon, and have put a million dollar bounty on his head. So he’s forced to go on the run and hold up dairies and grocery stores, if he can’t get his precious goat’s milk.

I guess it’s not any stupider than getting your powers from a radioactive spider bite.


Judging by his eyes, he’s certainly off the wagon if he’s buying 2AM gas station whiskey.

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Oy! Context!
Still, I like my idea: all different stories, all different comics, all the result of some John Oliver prank.


Golden Corral’s quickly rejected slogan.

Looks like the gesture professor spent some time moonlighting as a comic book narrator:


“Yeah, but at least he didn’t typecast you as some grizzled old prospector leprechaun, dagnabbit! Faith and begorrah!”

Fanfiction about your neighbors, no matter how well written, is usually considered creepy.

Stick to subtle stand-ins next time.

Curious if you can guess what the heck this joke is supposed to be about. I already know so I really can’t tell if it would be easy or hard to discern without forehand knowledge.

I’m pretty sure I had that comic in a book full of comics about arcade games when I was a kid. The book was called Blips

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