Owned Movies not appearing in the Gizmoplex Theater

I just went to download some episodes, and clicked on Owned, and noticed I’m missing my Made More MST3K DELUXE Collection minus Delta Knights and Gamera vs Barugon.
So I went to the best episode ever, Catalina Caper, in all and tried to download it, and its a blank box.
Please help.

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Moved this into its own topic so @ivan’s team will see it.

If others are having the same issue, please vote so the team is aware of the bug.


Just a couple of things to try in the meantime, @Matbar—apologies if you already have and they didn’t work:

  1. Do a hard refresh on the site (hold down shift and reload the page, twice).
  2. Log out and back into your account.

After doing some digging, I can confirm that some titles I own are missing from my “owned” list in the Screening Bunker—Catalina Caper, Gamer vs. Zigra, The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, The Skydivers, Angels Revenge, Prince of Space are all missing from the Made More MST3K collection. The difference between All and Owned counts is 39 titles so there are probably others I haven’t found yet.

ETA: Most of the missing episodes are Event Replays and Vault Picks, which I don’t actually own. That leaves 10 titles: the 6 listed above, the two titles which have never been a part of any package (Ultimate Collection included—It Lives By Night and Viking Women) and two more I haven’t tracked down yet.

Balance Beam For Girls is also missing from Owned, but I’m assuming that changes 2 weeks after the premiere.


I have all of the Made More Titles you listed in my collection- using an iPhone and the app.


Odd. I have logged out & in again, done a hard browser refresh and all of the other troubleshooting basics, but none of those titles show up as owned for me.

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I am on a desktop (Win 10 using Chrome) and the following episodes do not appear in my “owned” list

From the Made More MST3K Deluxe Collection
Catalina Caper
Fugitive Alien
Gamera vs Zigra
Star Force Fugitive Alien II
Warrior of the Lost World
The Brain That Wouldn’t Die
Village of the Giants
The Dead Talk Back
The Skydivers
The Starfighters
Danger!! Death Ray
Angel’s Revenge
Jack Frost
Prince Of Space
Space Mutiny
Boggy Creek II
Overdrawn at the Memory Bank

All of the Brought Back MST3K Deluxe Collection seem to be there.


I’m seeing the same in the beta Gizmoplex. I can watch these episodes, but they are treated as “free to watch” instead of “owned”.

Note - I can download these movies at gizmoplex.com. It’s only in the Gizmolplex theater that I am unable to download (most of) the MadeMore DELUXE collection.


Thank you, sorry I was busy all day and just seeing this.

I did try the troubleshooting, and no go.

Thank you all for your help thusfar.


Thank you! I’m glad I’m not the only one dealing with this. Most of my videos (especially the ones from Seasons 13, the collections and the Gauntlet) are no where in my fridge! This has to be a bug, someone please help fix it!!!

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Just a heads up to all that we’re working on figuring out what’s causing this. Update soon.


@Matbar If this is still happening, do me a favor and email me direct at ivan@mst3k.com, and send me a screenshot of your Cambot nav screen (showing your email address for the Gizmoplex), as well as an updated screenshot showing this still happening with Catalina Caper? Thanks!

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Hey all. This should be fixed now, but please try resyncing your collections – just press the button next to the fridge’s search box with the magnifying glass – and let me know if you’re still missing anything?

Also, as an early heads up, we’ll be changing the toggle in the Video Fridge in an upcoming release. Instead of “OWNED” and “ALL”, it will switch to “DOWNLOADABLE” and “ALL” – so that you can quickly find everything you should have download access to.


I hope you are not working late to fix this problem Ivan :wink:

This is definitely an improvement (I see Catalina Caper now)! However, I personally am still missing a few titles, even after refreshing/resyncing. As far as I’m aware, I own everything, and can certainly open everything if I go via the VHX site, but I still have a few issues with the following titles through the gizmoplex bunker - that is, they appear under the “All” filter, but they do not appear under “Owned”:

Season 3:
Stranded in space
Viking Women and the sea serpent

Season 9:
Hobgoblins event replay (13 May 22)

Season 10:
It Lives By Night
Future War event replay (12 May 22)

Season 13:
Balance Beam For Girls (Short)
And all event replays

The About box shows version 0.9.24 and that my gizmoplex.com account is linked with 233 videos, I can provide a screenshot if required. You can guess my account name very easily, it is my forum handle @ gmail.

Balance Beam for Girls isn’t available for download yet. (It will be Friday)

I don’t think the event replays were ever meant to be downloadable, only the final episodes.

@ivan all of the missing movies seem to be there for me now. Thanks for getting this fixed!

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I went over them all, and everything looks like it is there. Thank you Ivan. Keep up the great work!

All credit to our developer, who worked late on a Saturday to fix it!


Hey Ivan? Can you help me with my problem? My Video Fridge said that I owned 28 videos at the Gizmoplex but I know I owned more than that like the Gauntlet Collection, the collection with the two KTMA episodes, as well as the Season 13/tribute/etc. stuff. It doesn’t even have my tickets for the future shows.

Is it possible you have more than one account? If so, VHX can assist you with merging the accounts and episodes all into one big account that has everything.

I’m not sure. I only got one account on the Gizmoplex and the other one the website I buy my episodes on. So I am not sure what went wrong.